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  1. Hi Tx, we do have a few colors of 0.6mm available in full spools! You can view them here: https://www.etsy.com/EgyptianLeather/listing/537808287/tiger-thread-06mm-wholesale-full-1000m?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1504830191934 This is correct! In addition, any order of 3+ spools receives free 2-3 Day shipping automatically. We also have pricing available for businesses who wish to purchase large amounts, such as 6 spools or more. These prices are lower, but shipping is not included in the price, this way you can get a better deal if you order large amounts. You can contact us to place an order this way. We also do sales on the holidays! Watch for those! -John M.
  2. Hard to remember, I believe I used Fiebing's Leather Sheen: https://www.amazon.com/Fiebing-Fiebings-Leather-Sheen-4oz/dp/B00AU6LIK0/ref=sr_1_2?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1499325491&sr=8-2&keywords=fiebings+seal
  3. Hi everyone! I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to let everyone know that in honor of Veterans Day, I will be giving out the below coupon code for 10% off any order over the weekend. The coupon will expire on Monday, and has no minimum order requirement. Coupon Code: THANKAVET Have a great weekend everyone! -John M. Egyptian Leather
  4. I apologize for the late reply, we do not have full spools of purple and yellow available just yet. However, I am able to do special orders to get full spools of colors we don't carry about once a month, and I post here to let everyone know, so that they can place their orders with me! 24VOLTS, and a few other etsy customers, recently purchased a number of full spools this way! All our full spools that are available will be on our Etsy listing Here (1.0mm) and Here (0.8mm). Thank you so much for the kind words! I was very happy to assist you, and I'm glad you got the colors you needed! Extremely busy! Which is good! If your question is urgent the best option is to message me on Etsy or Email Orders@EgyptianLeather.co, as I will see these notifications on my phone and will reply to them as soon as I have time! I also get emails for notifications posted here, but for some reason they do not notify me on my phone. I think it has to do with the way my outlook app works, I will look in to changing this!
  5. The sample card is $3.99 for 6 inches of each color, plus 6 inches of each size, all on a card for easy comparison. I can also send a few samples free of charge with any order. Just leave a note! I always send at least one random color with each order. Here is a picture of all the colors you get with a Tiger Thread sample card!
  6. Hi Guys! - Good news! We just got some brand new colors for our custom spools, in 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm! We also added a new size, 1.7mm! Currently only available in Brown. This size. as well as all the new colors, will now be included in all sample cards! Our sample cards have been redesigned to include all colors and sizes! Yellow is now available in 0.8mm and 1.0mm Amber Glow in now available in 1.0mm Black, Cream, and Roman Purple are now back in stock in 0.6mm! Pictures of new colors included below! Check them out! Note: If you recently bought a sample card from me and would like to get the new colors, just contact me! Pictures of new colors below! Sageleaf Green (1.0mm) Beetroot Red (0.8mm) Dark Grey (0.8mm and 1.0mm) Soul Silver (1.0mm) Bishop (1.0mm) Roman Purple (0.6mm) Amber Glow (1.0mm) | Yellow (0.8mm, 1.0mm)
  7. I don't unfortunately, I will email the factory and see if they have any lighter colored blues and let you know. The blue in my picture looks a bit darker than it really is, The waxiness can change color to look darker as well, though it still may be too dark for your needs. Would you like me to send some samples in the meantime?
  8. Yes! Abbey use to call it Royal Blue as well. They changed it a while back, so the only way you can be sure on the color is to use the JK number. Royal Blue and Navy Blue are both JK14 These numbers are asigned by the manufacturer Julius Koch, and do not change.
  9. Hi guys! Just wanted to let you all know I am doing a small custom order for a few customers that needed full spools of colors/sizes I don't have in stock. If anyone would like to get a full spool of any color or size I do not have in stock at my shop, let me know as soon as possible! I am also getting more John James Needles soon, available in packs of 5 or 25! I am also in the works of adding more tools to my shop, such as cotton daubers for dying leather, leather burnishers/skivers, and stitching punches/awls, as well as a few other tools. Hoping to get them added soon, I will post here when I have them up! I am also going to be switching my email to a custom domain, so Orders.EgyptianLeather@gmail.com will be changing out soon to Orders@EgyptianLeather.co Thanks everyone! -John M. -- Egyptian Leather --
  10. Our latest restock shipment has arrived! Check it out here ---> Etsy Store <--- This shipment also included a few new frequently requested colors in 0.8mm and 1.0mm! Here is our stock available in full spools: 0.8mm White Beige Cream Mid Brown Brown Black Royal Blue Green Orange Red Havanna Cigar (New!) Colonial Tan (New!) 1.0mm White Beige Cream Mid Brown Brown Black Royal Blue (New!) Green (New!) Red (New!) Havanna Cigar (New!) Colonial Tan (New!) Let us know if there are any new colors/sizes we should get at our next restock shipment. We take note of every request, and the more requests we get, the more likely we are to get it! Here are some pictures of the new colors for anyone who hasn't seen them. Havanna Cigar Beige Colonial Tan Red Green Royal Blue I took these pictures in natural sunlight. These pictures were NOT edited, but keep in mind the colors may look different depending on lighting or your monitor.
  11. News - new colors are on the way! We will be getting many more color options including the highly requested Colonial Tan in both size 0.8mm and 1.0mm. In addition to that, I just had to post these reviews. All the reviews I have received so far really mean a lot to me, and I think it's important that others see them, as they highlight a few things I want other people to know about my shop. Left by Faith on May 12 - I think this review shows a big difference between the quality of my spools overall, compared to others. I want to post pictures of my spools fully packaged, but I am worried about being copied. My spools have come a long long way. Left by Gary on May 26 - On sample card quality - I want to post a picture of my sample card as well, but I am conflicted, as I designed everything myself. Left by Micheal and Jelsker on May 21 and 23 - If anyone is interested all of my Etsy reviews can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EgyptianLeather/reviews
  12. Just a quick update, we now have much cheaper shipping options available for Canada. If you don't see a specific shipping option for your country please let me know and I can give you detailed quotes, as always if you place an order and shipping ends up being cheaper, I will refund any extra shipping paid. I am also getting multiple requests for shipping quotes on large quantities, as such we are now setup with DHL and UPS to handle those orders. For large quantities please email me! Thank you, and have a great weekend everyone! -JEM
  13. I apologize for the high international shipping costs, at the moment I have not set up specific shipping costs for Canada, but we are working on it! Once we negotiate the best price with DHL or UPS, we will have the listing setup with different shipping options, specifically for Canadian buyers. If you would like to get a detailed shipping quote for your international order, you can always email me at Orders.EgyptianLeather@gmail.com or send me a message through my Etsy store! Just send me your address, and I will get back to you with your shipping options.
  14. Hi guys! So I was emailed by a customer today, and he asked "Which one of you Tiger Thread sellers is the least expensive, Egyptian Leather or Abbey England?" I think this is an important question, so I would like to address it here, that way everyone can get a good idea just how much money they would save ordering from us instead of an overseas supplier. Here is my email reply to him regarding this issue. _________________ Hi Brandon! We are absolutely cheaper! You can see all spools and prices here: http://www.EgyptianLeather.Etsy.com Here I've laid out some of the major differences between Egyptian Leather and Abbey England. Egyptian Leather Pro Our spools are $30 flat, not including the 5% discount code you have received. All orders of full spools include free USPS 2-3 Day Priority Shipping. No minimum order! All orders of full spools will ship out the same day, if ordered before 1pm. No importation taxes or duties if ordering within the USA. No surprise bills from UPS or DHL. Con Color and size selection is more limited, but we are always adding to our stock with each factory shipment. Abbey England Pro Has larger selection of colors/sizes. Shipping is quick, 3-4 days max. Cheaper if you live in europe. Con Charges £ 17 (Approx. $25) for each spool, and £ 23 (~$30+) for shipping for small orders, even more for large orders, which can be very expensive. Shipping cost is not shown upfront, is only shown once order is completed and shipped. Website is not quick and easy to use. Prices are not listed clearly until checkout. All orders are subject to importation taxes and duties, which can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the value of your order. Small orders are sometimes not taxed when imported, but orders of 4+ spools are almost always taxed, at customs sole discretion. The bill comes only after your order have arrived at your door, and can be a complete surprise. Usually totalling over $100, depending on value. Overseas shipping can be risky, one of my packages from Abbey England actually showed up soaked in water and completely damaged, giant hole in the side and the courier was not at fault. I have pictures of this package attached below. _________________ End As you can probably tell, US based businesses can save a ton of money ordering from Egyptian Leather compared to any overseas supplier. If you have anything to add to the pros and cons list of either supplier, please comment below and I will add it!
  15. Sorry for the late replies everyone! You are most welcome! Orders of full spools can be fulfilled in less than 5 minutes. As long as you order before 2pm It should go out the same day! As for the 1.0mm, we are planning to place our second factory order within the next week or so. We will be adding more available colors with each new order, so if anyone has any requests please feel free to let us know! What colors did you have in mind? Since 0.6mm comes in 1000m spools instead of 500m spools, it is almost twice the price. For now we only have the small spools of Black and White in 0.6mm. But, with each new factory order we will be adding new colors/sizes based on demand, and we plan to eventually have every color and size available. We will make a note of every requested color/size and adjust our stock accordingly. Thanks so much for your business! Don't forget to let us know how we did by leaving a review, and check your packing slip for a coupon code for your next order!
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