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    Horses, Horse Racing (Thoroughbred and Trotters), Art, Gardening, Camping, Exploring, Local History and, of course, Leatherwork.

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    Beginner-mostly smaller stuff but I would like to build my own saddle one day (take one of those courses where you come away with your own)
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    Whatever looks interesting!!!!

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  1. Hi Tinker, I was in Tandy's a couple of days ago and got talking to a gentleman about machines after we escaped a demo of "The Boss". Honestly, I think I can get a good used one for $2300 that I doesn't involve me pulling on a handle for every single stitch! He mentioned Leighton's and said they have good machines for good prices. Mechanically inclined I am not......... thank you for the information; everything helps Christine
  2. Hi Tinker! Thank you so much for answering my questions! For purses, I would love to try convert a cowboy boot. I have a lot that don't fit me anymore. I live near Calgary, so I imagine the shipping could be quite expensive. My only saving grace is that my ex-husband is a trucker and he might be able help out. Big knobs and a cylinder arm would be helpful! Are those the same ones that I see advertised in the Western Horseman? I will call them tomorrow.......Thank you for for your time! Christine
  3. Going outside to see how warm it is.....it's +3C according to my iPhone.

  4. Does anyone know what the best leather sewing machine is for -easy operating system for someone with arthritis -still classify myself as a beginner - mostly sewing belts, purses, light horse tack ( bridles, breast collars, etc.) -able to be shipped to Canada -quality for price Thank you all in advance for your time and effort in this matter, Christine
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