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  1. hi all, I am blind. I see others when doing tooling patterns and such suggest tracing them on the leather w/ an ink pen or pencil. Obviously, I cannot see the pen marks. I have read about some sort of ball point stylus to mark leather with but am wondering if others have ideas as to how I might mark leather for cutting and tooking. I have tried a scratch awl but it doesn't glide very smoothly through the leather. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance. James K
  2. is genuine upholstery from furniture pieces usually located on the arms, seat areas, or where? also, if you see the back of the leather does it feel rough like veg tanned leather sometimes does? I am just trying to get an idea of what to look for when I find old leather furniture to use for bags and such. Thanks in advance of ryour help and advice.
  3. Can I hand stich this stuff if I punch it with my stitching chisel from Tandy? Also, I have some ostrich scrap I also bought? Any opinoins as to laminating that to this upholstery leather and making something useful from it?
  4. hello everyone, I have a random assortment of black upholstery scrap pieces I purchased from Tandy and am wondering if anyone has ever made a wallet from any of this type of leather? I think it is chrome tanned. Frankly, I am not very impressed with it but don't want to waste it. Thanks in advance for you replies.
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