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  1. Hi Gregg!! I already made my purchase from you, and I am VERY happy!!! Great customer service, you have a terrific day!
  2. Hey, no problem. I would rather have all the info and recommendations. I will definitely be checking out that machine as well. Thank you very much!!
  3. Thank You very much for the suggestion. I'll be checking them out! )
  4. 595 Monroe / P.O. Box 509 | Napa, CA 94559 | hideinfo@hidehouse.com On home page, I went to "product" section and typed Crocodile in search box. It's Italian Croc. If I can copy a direct link, I will send it to you.
  5. I've ordered from Hide House in Napa California. Nice!
  6. Thanks again for everyone's help! I purchased the Juki 1541S from Keystone sewing. Thank You Bmwmoa67707 for that lead. They're on line price was the best I found. Delivery will be delayed due to the fact that they sold their last speed reducer. ( No rush tho. Lois was very kind and helpful. Have a great day everyone!
  7. Thank You so much dfrensdorff. I'm feeling very good about the Juki! )
  8. Thank You so much Bmwmoa67707! Quick response too. I'll give em a call.. All the best! Thx kgg! I thought that might be the case. There is a difference in production. Just want to make the "right" choice. Even if it means spending a little more.
  9. Hi to everyone! I have decide to purchase a flat bed in addition to my Consew 227r cylinder. I feel the Juki 1508 would be more machine than what I need as far as working with "heavy" leather. I make bags, some leather purses (3-5oz.). Other than the specs seeming to be the same, does anyone know of a difference between the Juki 1541S or the Thor 1541S? It seems that parts, etc. would all be available for the Thor, and it's a little bit cheaper. Any advice is much appreciated. )
  10. Thank You so much for the feed back. I will certainly look into the Singer feet. Just recently I purchased feet on line from a couple of different sellers, where they stated their feet would fit my machine. Their feet would fit, but, they wouldn't feed the material through properly. I even contacted Nick from Nick-O sewing, (where I purchased my machine) and he too encountered the same problem I was having., the material wouldn't feed through the correct way. He did did help me with a set of feet he the had "on hand", which I was thrilled to have. He went above and beyond to help! It would just nice to know if we had other feet options as well. Thx so much! )
  11. HI to everyone! Does anyone know of a source to purchase additional feet for a Consew 227r, Possibly an outside and inside double toe with teeth and or any other additional choices. Any help is appreciated. Thank You so very much!
  12. Just realized, the nick o 441 cylinder has been discussed. You all have a terrific weekend! )
  13. Techsew 5100 seems to offer a nice package as well. Any comments on service and support if one were to choose between Techsew 5100 vs. CB4500, or just ones preference? I've been reading a lot of the views here on the LW and just want to make sure the Techsew is as good as the CB. You know, it its a lot of money. It seems CB might be the way to go. I'm in the St. Louis area. Purchased my Consew from Nick o sewing. Again, I THANK all of you for your input, and I won't bother you any further with my questions. Love your input Wizcrafts! Thx )
  14. Thank You both! Love having the education on the differences in machines. ) I'm definitely going to research these models. Can't Thank everyone enough! )
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