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  1. Hey Everyone ! Has anyone any wisdom to share with me about securing stitching when just dong a short line of stitching . Do you A- stitch backwards twice then forwards . or B - stitch forwards than backwards than forwards again over it ? i have been trying both these ways bit often fin my work unravels or becomes loose at the start or end. I also find it hard not to massively overstitch. Any / all advice welcome. Thanks so much. SS
  2. I was just wondering what kind of thread would be best for stitching a steering wheel ? Ive been having problems with some types unravelling and breaking. I would love to hear all / everyones opinions.... Thanks ! s
  3. Hey Everyone. Please have a look at my photos my cross stitch. I am using 0.6 ritza tiger thread and a KSblade punch round dent to make the holes. I tried to use "lin cable au chinois" in size 832 , but it kept unravelling and breaking between all the back and forth. The ritza is waxy and hard to use, but works better. I got about 3/4 through my project and the whole thing got too loose on the front and tight on the back and then a thread snapped. I have come to the realization this method won't work for me. If anyone has any advice i would be so grateful. i feel i need another kind of thread/ and bigger holes spaced a bit wider apart. KS blade punch don't make any bigger punches. so i have ordered a 1mm punch drive from tandy and am gonna punch the holes by hand i think. Please tell me what you think, Thanks , s
  4. hey Everyone, I was wondering would anyone know of any good european suppliers of hardware and dye? The UK apparently have a law about not sending oil dye in the post so i can't get it sent to me in ireland. Im wondering are there any other companies in europe that sell oil dye . Im looking to buy a 32 oz one. Tandy only have a very small one or a lot bigger one. IT was leProvo who said they would not send it to me btw ..... Any / all suggestions welcome ! thanks!
  5. Hello there everyone! This is a tassel I've just made pictured above. Most tutorials I've come across say to simply glue the tassel into place. I would not like to just glue the tassel as I've made ones before that have started to peel open a bit. I attached a band of leather over the top of the tassel and attempted to hand stitch it closed . As you can see, it dosn't look too smart . Would anyone have any advice on how i could do this better? or any stitch style i could use ? or would anyone have any pictures of ones they have made which have been successful? or even any images of ones from books etc? Sincere thanks to anyone who can offer and advice or help or even an opinion . Best, Sus
  6. wow just wow @RockyAussie, thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill so generously.
  7. Thanks @RockyAussie, it was a commission piece- so not totally my style but it was great to make an item someone actually wanted !! @LederRudi, thanks for the feed back, it would not be worn next to the skin, more like over a pair or trousers, but yes i see your point about the inner zip! it was what was requested by the customer though.
  8. @nuttish, your set up looks great ! id love to see some images of your work. Unfortunately I'm not electronically minded and would not know how to make something so cool!! @benjaminrbrown thanks for sharing this! think this option might be worth going for! thanks @billybopp and @Matt S for sharing your knowledge, all of that is very useful and you have all saved me form wasting money on the wrong product so MASSIVE thanks!!!
  9. Thanks for sharing @Mattsbagger, that looks like a good set up! I have a dremel with coco bolo heads attached , but as i have to hold it on my hand and the leather work in the other i find it is a slow process, if there was some way i could use it freehand it would be great. would anyone know of any solutions? Thanks!
  10. Hey @Bugstruck, Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I have gone through all the steps i can myself that you have suggested to no avail. The one question i have is what part is the latch tang? Ive googled it and got no clear answer. and what exactly do you mean by latch clearance? Ive put the bobbin into the bobbin case both ways and I'm getting the same problem with the stitching.Also , in relation to my foot pressure, when i got the machine, i was finding that i had way too much pressure on the foot, it was marking my leather permanently, so a technician cut a piece of the foot spring which solved the problem. i keep the foot pressure as heavy as ai can at the moment. @Mark842My machine is a highlead cylinder arm GC2268 and I'm using a 37:20 AX1 NEEDLE/ NM 130 SIZE21/ 135X16 RTW DPX 16. i ws using one a little smaller but the thread was getting caught up in it frequently.im using 20 thread on the top and 60 thread on the bottum (bonded nylon).(please ignore the red thread- that is clearly a needle which is way too big- the navy thread is the one I'm fociusing on) @Ferg , thanks for that adivce, that is very usefull. My project had slight variation in thickness, but the problem is occurring on this piece of leather which is one standard thickness , its about 0.3mm , also on 0.4mm and all leather I've tried. Thank you all for taking the time to reply to me about this.It really makes a day so much easier when you can talk to others about workshop problems! S
  11. Hey Everyone, Ive been trying to solve this problem with ym thread for two days now, and just can't. I've changed needle, changed tensions every way , rethreaded and changed thread. every few stitches the bottum bobbin is visible on the top, then it will do a few good stitches, then a few ones where the bobbin thread is showing on the top. all/ any advice and opinions welcome! In the photos it is the navy thread, with a cream bobbin thread. \thanks for taking the time to give your opinion! I'm wondering, could my bobbin case be at fault?
  12. @mattsbagger, thats very interesting, would you have a picture of yours ? do you attach burnishers to where the drill press head is? thanks, s
  13. Hey Everyone, Im thinking of purchasing a bench grinder . Would anyone have any recommendations on the best RPM i should go for? 2850 Rpm is on the one I'm looking at.....https://www.iedepot.ie/sip-6-pro-bench-grinder/ ( but i really don't have a clue) also does the circumference matter of the wheel, seems to be mostly 6" and 8'". does it need to be variable speed? I'm not going to be spending more than 100 euro.thanks for any / all advice! best, s
  14. Beautiful work @motocouture ! looking forward to seeing more of your work and the finished piece!
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