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  1. After spending 4 hours backtracking through 3 feet of snow looking for a lost mag because the release was uncovered I decided to cover it on this one. ;-)
  2. 2nd attempt at a holster. Double stitched by hand (don't know if I'll do that again). Body is 2 layers of 5-6 oz glued flesh to flesh, reinforcing piece is 7-8 oz.
  3. I used a curved slot on an avenger style holster because it looked nicer in the wing. So for me the only reason was looks. I punched the holes for the ends and then cut the middle by hand.... very, very slowly.
  4. That's pretty slick..... How is fish hide to work with?
  5. On a similar note, is there any way to regain retention for a holster that has loosened up?
  6. I think I would like to see a salmon skin purse..... This was one that I couldn't disassemble and fix, what with the glue and all. It sat too high on the belt and any attempts to "fix" it would not even have been up to par for a "keep it in a drawer and only pull it out at midnight on a new moon when no one is within 100 miles" type job.
  7. Yeah, I've already called it a lost cause and moved on. The second version is already looking better. Thanks for the affirmations.
  8. I was working on my second holster today and with 90% complete I realize that it sits too high on the belt. My question is this. How much effort do you put into "fixing" a prototype before chalking it up to a learning experience and tossing it in the round file? I'm sure that I could re-work this one to be servicable, but it will never be sellable.
  9. Makarov .380. It's a perfect for concealed carry.... if you can find a holster..... ;-) And despite what it looks like in the pictures, I am right handed, just needed a mirror to take the pics.....
  10. I'm so used to not being able to find what I want for the Makarov that I too just built my own.... I also wanted to be able to carry three different ways (depending on the circumstances and my mood). This was my first holster (and 2nd attempt, the 1st was too tight so I didn't finish it).
  11. Depending on the circumstances I carry either on my strong side, cross draw, or behind my back, plus the pistol itself is not super common so a store bought solution is not available..
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