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  1. Haellyn

    4 Slot Bifold Template & Directions

    Thanks for posting this template. The end result looks nice and the directions are easy to follow. I got a different template out of a Stohlman book, so I'm going to try making both.
  2. Haellyn


    Hi everyone! I actually joined over a year ago, but was just lurking the forums 'til now and I'm hoping to be more active now. As to interests in crafting, most of mine aren't very practical or useful in everyday life--masks, armor (human and animal), things you might find at a Renaissance Festival. I would eventually like to learn to make bags and shoes. So far, the only semi-interesting things I've done are a pair of bracers and a jerkin that needs re-stitching and probably a bit of refitting. Back to lurking I go.