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    Making interesting stuff, out of canvas, leather, fabric. Vacuum forming, hot foil, bookbinding, woodwork, and old Singer sewing machines.

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  1. Never even noticed the date. my mind is obviously on higher things.
  2. Not to ruin this for anyone, but tippman boss machines hold their value well, so do a bit research first on google, and add some photos. cheers Maureen
  3. You just can’t trust those male order catalogues.
  4. I use a great big 2” thick slab of granite, on top of a very dense (and heavy) 1” thick anti vibration type rubber block. This all sits on a solid wooden bench, which sits on four offcuts of the rubber block. I’ve done the same with the bench I use for punching holes, and suchlike. All a bit of overkill, no doubt, but since I moved my workshop from a room with a concrete floor, to a room with a wooden floor, I became aware of the possibility of sound travelling through the floor. It makes not one jot of difference to the sound of mallet on stamp, but I feel happier about cutting out as much unnecessary noise as possible. The rest I can live with.
  5. I have one of those machines at the back of the shed somewhere. If I ever have some spare time, I plan to totally refurbish it, but like Constabulary, I found even the fine tooth feed wheel marked the leather too much to be any real use to me.
  6. Tim, please, you’re moving into scary territory now, and in public.
  7. What argument am I having with you. This has been a very polite discussion on my side, nit even a capital out of place. What on earth are you wittering about? What facebook, what “pretend its not real group”. I’m “purposefully self uneducated”? I genuinely have no idea what you are talking about, apart from the salt. But...... Really? Really? My goodness, you’re still sore because I pointed out to you that you had got the formula wrong on the salt solution, how many months ago? Even after your friend apparently tried to huckle me on other threads, you are still sore? Didn’t that make you even a bit cheery? It certainly made my pals giggle at the absurdity of it. I thought you wanted to be our friend, and hold a proper discussion. I even helped you with advise on how to improve your discussion skills, so that people might listen to your beliefs. My offer to coach you regarding how to have a kosher discussion without resorting to cut and paste, or links was quite genuine. Tim! Tim! Are you there! When you messaged me to discuss stuff either by message or on the threads, because I was polite, etc, I told you fine, I was happy to do so. But as you remember, I laid down ground rules, and as you can see, chucke has done exactly what I told you he would do, even though I was civil, upbeat, and helpful. Well Tim, you can’t say I didn’t try, can you. May our Lord and Lady bring peace to troubled minds.
  8. Why are you so insistent that I am ignorant of human nature, but you do not, in your own words, with your own ideas, answer me. Discussion isn’t a game of cut and paste, or adding links to save you thinking for yourself. It is not a replacement for ‘thinking’ for yourself, nor does it make me ‘ignorant of the human species’, after all, calling someone ignorant is hardly being civil, or pals, is it. Go on, give it a go, try to put a discussion together, and properly describe your ideas. I want you to do it without resorting to spending your days googling., cut and pasting, or linking. Discussion and communication is based on the skill of thinking for yourself, if it were otherwise, we could do it your way, and end up in the surreal position of us all just spending our days sending website links to our partners. Imagine start your day by turning to your beloved and cut and pasting “hello” onto your ipad, and sending that to her. Maybe instead of asking your wife what she would like you to cook for her tea, you could send a ramdon recipe link from the interweb, leaving the rest blank. “look, I’ve proved my point, my wife is hungry”, but you never put the thought into it, you put no inspiration in it. You would be yet again, an empty vessel, just googling stuff to justify your thoughts, rather than do it under your own steam. May our Lord and Lady give you the strength to understand, that it is the engagement, the swopping of ideas, the joy of working through each other’s ideas that is important. Not the constant banging of a big drum to drown out others views, just because you can. So go on, be a pal and think it out yourself, clearly, and simply, and without the attempts at “not a friend” swipes, aimed at me, or anyone else. And don’t forget, you believe that the internet algorithms are controlled by some unknown global power. So how can you rely on it with any links. Maybe PBS is playing a double bluff, and the algorithms are bringing it up to mess with your mind. Wooooooo...........
  9. As you claim we would probably be best buddies in real life, I know you won’t mind me making a few recommendations to you. Please divide your replies into paragraphs, as a constant stream of words makes it very difficult to follow your thought. Also, try cutting out the irrelevancies, such as ‘atheist’, ‘social control’, ‘global control’, etc, as all of these start to muddy your points. We agree on algorithms being the reason people only see the information on the internet they want to see, and turn what should be a wonderful access point to the World’s knowledge, into a Vanity Press for the unfortunate. At this point, we diverge, whereas you see them as proof that your enemies are trying to control you , I see them as a tool invented to try to help our search for knowledge. Sadly, since we know that humans basically flounder from one cack up to another, it has turned into a tool of confirmation. Since too many humans are too lazy to look outside the algorithm spoon feeding, this was inevitable. Strangely ,you and your besty both seem to blame everyone else of falling victim to this Vanity Press (including me), while quoting great big chunks of it yourselves. To move on, almost as annoying for the poor reader is the big chunks of bold highlighting of stuff in the sentence you are trying to read. I say this as a potential friend, as counter intuitively, it actually pulls the eye away from the points you are trying to make. Now, I know you’ll take my suggestions in the friendly way they are meant, as you are such polite boys, and always willing to keep an open mind. Also, I do not expect perfection from you, but clarity, and original thought will win you extra points. Any plagiarism, or copying each others work will be marked down. May I suggest a new default position to explain the life ills you keep finding on the internet? As an American General (whose name I cannot remember, and I have a life, so can’t be bothered to google) once said (I will paraphrase, see previous explanation) “Winning a battle consists of making less mistakes than the guy opposite”. In other words, most of the Worlds problems and woes are caused by stupidity, someone dropping/touching something they shouldn’t, or greed, but the vast majority of the time, stupidly or accident are the main protagonists. Greed just walks at the back, like a hungry vulture (I apologise to vultures for that analogy).
  10. Many thanks, I may have to do that, as these things have form for getting very silly, and very nasty, very quickly. Unfortunately, being a political animal, when I hear someone (metaphorically) kicking a dog to make it howl, I have difficulty walking by. But life is too short to get dragged into the same old, same old..... If only the temptation was taken away, she sighed.
  11. Your reply doesn’t actually apply to what I said, does it, you sort if go off at a tangent of content don’t you, and where did the atheist fall out the sky from? My report? And where does an atheist appear in my thread? These algorithms are not specific to any side, nor do they differentiate from person to person. They regurgitate articles which are self fulfilling to your beliefs or needs, whether the content is true or not. No one is exempt from them, and in this instance google is not your friend, it is an enabler, but completely unwitting in what it does. The responsibility is yours for believing only things that massage your insecurities and prejudices. They are the self fulfilling prophesy, you want your beliefs upheld and lo, the algorithms give the desperate the illusion they are right, and the proof is in front of the,. They have replaced the nasty gossipers who spread lies for the fun if it, but they do so the same way that you can kill someone with kindness. And there is no cunning plan, or evil plots to the algorithms, their humble little job is to find stuff on the interweb you might like to see. Sadly, if you are extreme right wing, (as an example), these little imps of satan will happily feed you a diet to bolster you beliefs. As is demonstrated by your answer regarding climate change and the diabolical plot via social control. Assuming someone believes that sort of thing is true , they then google that subject, all those little algorithms think “oooh, our master loves these subjects, let’s feed him more”, no clever, evil plot, just another human invention causing harm while trying to give us what we want. As humans, we are not clever enough to go all deep state and social control, without constantly cacking things up. The Vanity Press argument still stands, as the algorithms wouldn’t fling out that stuff, if someone wasn’t pushing out poorly researched “I see aliens” stuff, which the algorithms, in their helpfulness, then find for you. Catch 22.
  12. Plus 1 Maybe if you feel the need to have political posts, treat them like the adult section, then those who worry bones can just do their thing, well away from the leatherwork. Nothing worse than seeing another political post, then biting your tongue rather than waste time out of your life replying. It’s like having a wee nippy dug as your neighbour. You know you would never wish it any real harm, but by our Lord and Lady, it just doesn’t know when to stop.
  13. That is why proper education is important, you have to know how things work, to know when you are getting spoon fed carp disguised as the ‘truth’. Have you heard of Vanity Press? It used to be a big thing in the 1800’s, but it is still going strong, and lives on the interweb. The idea behind it is that you paid for the privilege of having your little tome published, hence the name vanity press. It didn’t make your book any more readable, or even any good, but you could claim legitimacy as a ‘published author’. The interweb has taken it a stage further by publishing any old tat, and if you read it, algorithms will ensure that more of the same ‘vanity press’ articles will head your way. Consequently, you believe you are reading legitimate articles which massage and reinforce your own beliefs, because the algorithms know you like those articles, so they send you them. You read these articles which massage....... well you get the concept of Catch 22 going on here. If you believe you are being wronged, the interweb will regurgitate a ‘like minded’ article with people who think like you, and lije a cult, you get drawn in. So if you frequent sites that tells blatant lies, and massages your ego by saying “No, you’re not bigoted, it’s everyone else who is bigoted, and here’s another website to prove we are right”, then it is difficult to get them to look past what gives them comfort, and massages their insecurities. That’s why cults can convince their members to kill themselves, everything is a Vanity Press. “We love you (insert name here), we understand, and by the way, did you see this photo, it proves (insert latest Vanity Press article here) so we are right”. The danger lies when you say “but (insert name/organisation here) has stated that is not true, then the other person says “well, they would say that, wouldn’t they”. When you believe the equivalent of Vanity Press over the evidence, and everything outside your cosy reinforcement system is seen as automatically false, then you have a problem. And it must be true, it’s on these ‘legitimate’ sites on the internet. Or, “The Cult Leader told me”. There’s a doctored photo on the interweb, of a bunch of Confederate soldiers posing around a pterodactyl they had apparently just shot down. It’s a fake, but many people believe it, because the algorithms send links to sites of like minded people, who also believe the photo is real. So everything read is slanted, because the reader does not leave his comfort zone. What’s that saying? Oh, yes...Denial is not a river in Egypt. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.
  14. Hi,, but I do have to correct a misunderstanding you have. Socialism works well in the majority of other countries, and even the US, in its mildest form. It’s fascism and communism which causes the symptoms you describe. Extreme beliefs and actions damage democracy, and without democracy, you have the makings of a dystopia. That never ends well, as we all know. Even if you started on the ‘right’ side, it’s very easy to fall into the category of dissident’, especially if your leader is unstable and fickle, as all dictators are. If you imagine political ideologies as a big circle, and at one point of this circle sits democracy. Drifting off to either side sits right and left wing ideologues, both becoming more and more excessive, until at the 180 degree point lie both sides at their extreme. Both extremes huddling on the same point as Dictatorships, both painting the other as the bigot, the baby eater, the ‘Deep State’, the Mastermind behind the death of their Utopia, if allowed to survive. Both nothing more than mirrors of each other, noses touching, features blurred. (Gosh, getting a bit poetic like, eh?). In Rome, when a victorious General entered the capitol at the head of his soldiers, proudly displaying his successes, a servant walked behind him. The one duty of this servant was to whisper in the General’s ear “you are mortal”. All just in case he had delusions of grandeur, and attempted to take power, however ‘loved’ or ‘successful’ he may be. In modern democracies we have the equivalent of that servant, both in the legal trapping of government (the checks and balances between government and the judiciary), and in society, mainly through the medium of satire. Both so precious that you do not realise what you have until they are taken away by a ‘strong leader, willing to break a few rules to get the job done’. The problem with strong leaders like that, is they never stop breaking those rules until there are no rules left to break. At that point, he usually starts creating new ones, just to break (Example - Stalin and his purges, I recommend you watch The Death of Stalin by Armando Iannucci, as an example of both satire, bigotry by ideology, and the sbsurdity of Dictatorship).. Now, as to accusing many members here of bigotry, haven’t you fallen down that same rabbit hole by denying them their beliefs, and pushing your ideology on them? Holding opposing views or beliefs does not make someone a bigot, it is when those ideologies and beliefs are excessive and backed by hate, deliberate misunderstanding, or plain lies, then you should think long and hard about that great big plank sticking out of your eye. May our Lord and Lady bless your lives.
  15. Totally concur, the air even feels cleaner, praise be to our Lord and Lady. Just remember, all things do pass....... eventually.
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