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    Making interesting stuff, out of canvas, leather, fabric. Vacuum forming, hot foil, bookbinding, woodwork, and old Singer sewing machines.

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  1. It appears that the tarrifs are over and above all other taxes, not instead of. The additional monies will apply unless a waiver’ is given for that range of goods, then a refuced tariff, on top of the original taxes will apply.
  2. LumpenDoodle2

    Tredle for singer 29k

    Check the website ‘parcels2go’. I’m sending a bit equipment that weighs 35kilos, and there are 3 good name couriers who will deal with that wright of equipment. pricing will be about the £35, including £10 for insurance.
  3. LumpenDoodle2

    Mexican loop question

    I make a fair few of these as Cross draws for customers. I’ve been told by them that they work fine, but most of my customers are reenactment folk, so don’t know if they work in a real shooting situation.
  4. I cut the lining larger than the belt, then offer the belt to the liner. Make sure the centre of the belt touches down first, Then trim the lining to fit. Cutting everything to size first, I found just wasted more time for me getting things lined up than the leather saved was worth.
  5. LumpenDoodle2

    Can this be saved, money belt western belt

    Fredk is right, never tell a customer you’ve mucked up. Point is, anything different in the design is just that, it’s an inspired difference in the design, whether inspire deliberately or accident. I also think you might want to curve the other side a bit too, but if the customer is happy, then great.
  6. LumpenDoodle2

    Are girls allowed? :P

    There are two types of people who leave the leather edges, and rough areas on their work. Those who have no idea how to do it right, and those who know exactly when to leave something untouched. Your backpack, and other items show you fall into the latter category. Everything is left worn or uncut to just the right amount, and to what pleases the eye. As to stabbing yourself with a blunt needle, welcome to the world of the biting tools, where even the cute and seeminly harmless ones will try to take a finger off, given the opportunity.
  7. LumpenDoodle2

    Birth of a sporran

    I do like your tools, and I think it would be worth a thread on its own to show the rest of them. My spider sense tells me that part of the ‘birthing process’ consists of the joy of using aged and quality tools. So how did an Alisdair end up in Geneva making sporrans.
  8. LumpenDoodle2

    Hello from Northampton, UK

    Welcome. Coming from the ‘sewing world’ definately gives you a head start in leatherwork. You can see the finished product in your head so much easier, and patterns are easier to make. Certainly, somewhere like Tandy is too tempting, and you can start buying things you find you never use. I bought the cheap Chinese stamping tools, and then bought the quality replacement tools I found that I actually used. I would also suggest you start checking out the other leather outlets, you can definately get a lot of better deals than the Tandy shops. Not just leather, but tools, thread, and whatever. Oh, and be patient over buying the sewing machine. Too many used machines out there turn into money pits, unless you are happy to service and repair them yourself. So even if you go for a new machine, try to arrange to give them a test sew, to see how you get on with it. Just the same as you would if buying a ‘domestic’ sewing machine. Even thread is a test and try out thing. I’ve used the fil au chinois thread, and it’s nice, but the Tiger thread does it for me. The one big thing I have learned so far, you never know where this leather thing will take you, or what you end up specialising in. It’s a fun journey, though. Maureen
  9. LumpenDoodle2

    Are girls allowed? :P

    Hi, girls definately allowed. You might get the odd touch of mysoginism, and a tad lack of humour (probibly age related) but on the whole, they are a not too bad bunch of chaps, with a lot of knowledge, and willing to help. You’ve put together some really nice stuff there, and a very nice mix of products. Not only is your dog lovely, but there is definately a market for pet leather items. Have you got yourself a webshop outlet yet? I’ve been finding that a presence on Etsy and Facebook, along with your own webshop, work best. Your graphic design credentials shine through in your products and photos. Maureen
  10. Thingyverse has a number of gun files, and some print out fairly well. There can be quite a few problems with the scale, and unfortunately, corrupted files. There is also the fact that printing out large parts can be sooo sloooow. There again, it’s not as if you have to sit and stare at the printer for however long it takes (however, as a newbie, it was fascinating to watch). I agree about the software learning curve, but there are plenty of lovely folk out there, who have made files available, to let you print out useful stuff while you learn to use the design software. This month I haven’t used my printer much, but still managed to print out some new feet for my laser engraver, a mass print of .45 bullets, some .38 bullets, and a turbo dust collector thing for my sandblasting cabinet. Something very satisfying about firing up the 3D printer, and getting a finished product, but it usually isn’t a 10 minute job to get to that point.
  11. LumpenDoodle2

    Grid rulers - are they useful?

    The clear plastic gridrule I use, os about 12”x8”, I think, it’s not in front of me just now. It’s commonly used by quilters and in the domestic sewing world, and is great for accurate cutting/marking. I’ve tried rotary cutters, but just don’t seem to get the hang of them.
  12. LumpenDoodle2

    Grid rulers - are they useful?

    I use one all the time. One of the most useful tools you can have.
  13. LumpenDoodle2

    Cutting costs the UK way

    Dinnie fecht me wi yer clatter, ye ding ma lugs wi yer wurds. The latter part of that sentence was believed to be spoken by a wonderful Edinburgh woman (Jenny Geddes) when a ‘certain English King tried to introduce a different form of religion’ into Scotland. The sentence was followed by the throwing of a stool at the reverend gentleman’s head. Ahh.... those were the days......... When the folk if Edinburgh had spirit. Today, you would be deafened by the mass ‘tut’.
  14. LumpenDoodle2

    trivial trivia

    Agree, ‘time enough for love’, but ‘Behold the Man’ (Michael Moorcock, not my fave writer), is apt for this time of year.
  15. LumpenDoodle2

    trivial trivia

    Paring could work. To join together, at least into pairs, or separate (edges, or apple from its skin). Paired possibly, but would have to check spelling for the latter action (is an apple pared or paired, must google). just a passing thought.....