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    Making interesting stuff, out of canvas, leather, fabric. Vacuum forming, hot foil, bookbinding, woodwork, and old Singer sewing machines.

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  1. Now that looks like a very handy addition, and you’ve put a lot of thought into the design, as usual.
  2. I’m no great expert, but I cut 3.4mm (about 8-9oz?) leather all the time, and any choppy curves are usually caused by me stopping and starting a cut, rather than keeping the ‘flow’ going. That, and on the odd occasion, convincing myself I’m too busy trying to cut the leather, rather than be sensible and stop to sharpen the blade.
  3. My preferred way is to use a leather silver marker around the template, then with the template removed, follow the line with a round awl, then either use a round knife, or for lots of curves, I use a small Stanley knife. Doing it this way allows me to tweak patterns a little bit for a bit of personalisation for each item, but it also stops me getting into a bit of a rush,, and so not wander off the line. I also think that it’s important to make sure that whatever knife you choose, it fits comfortably in your hand. It’s way easier to follow the curves if you have full control of the knife, and it’s proper sharp. Stanley knife blades are disposable for a reason, and starting out with a few minutes stropping my round knife is quite relaxing.
  4. Never even noticed the date. my mind is obviously on higher things.
  5. Not to ruin this for anyone, but tippman boss machines hold their value well, so do a bit research first on google, and add some photos. cheers Maureen
  6. I use a great big 2” thick slab of granite, on top of a very dense (and heavy) 1” thick anti vibration type rubber block. This all sits on a solid wooden bench, which sits on four offcuts of the rubber block. I’ve done the same with the bench I use for punching holes, and suchlike. All a bit of overkill, no doubt, but since I moved my workshop from a room with a concrete floor, to a room with a wooden floor, I became aware of the possibility of sound travelling through the floor. It makes not one jot of difference to the sound of mallet on stamp, but I feel happier about cutting out as much unnecessary noise as possible. The rest I can live with.
  7. I have one of those machines at the back of the shed somewhere. If I ever have some spare time, I plan to totally refurbish it, but like Constabulary, I found even the fine tooth feed wheel marked the leather too much to be any real use to me.
  8. Many thanks, I may have to do that, as these things have form for getting very silly, and very nasty, very quickly. Unfortunately, being a political animal, when I hear someone (metaphorically) kicking a dog to make it howl, I have difficulty walking by. But life is too short to get dragged into the same old, same old..... If only the temptation was taken away, she sighed.
  9. Plus 1 Maybe if you feel the need to have political posts, treat them like the adult section, then those who worry bones can just do their thing, well away from the leatherwork. Nothing worse than seeing another political post, then biting your tongue rather than waste time out of your life replying. It’s like having a wee nippy dug as your neighbour. You know you would never wish it any real harm, but by our Lord and Lady, it just doesn’t know when to stop.
  10. Yup, ebay cheap and cheerful purchase of about 5 years ago. Worth having in a drawer somewhere, and has been said, they work great with an arbor press, and a magnet to hold them in place. Just don’t press too hard, as the magnet has been known to break (don’t ask me how I found that out).
  11. I have a set of those shaped cutters, and they’re handy to have for that ‘one off’ occasion. Cheap as well.
  12. No, sorry, I don’t want to contradict you, but I have extended quite a number of belts this year, which have shrunk while lying in the back of a wardrobe for 20+ years. Same with working with customer over the interweb, to whom I always say “did you breathe in when you measured yourself, and looked down to see the tape?”. Back on subject, it does sound like the buckle fold, and the thickness of the new leather blank may have been underestimated measurement wise. Something that is very easy to do, even to the best of us.
  13. You’ve put together a good bit of kit there.
  14. Been there, done that..... it’s so easy to forget to check the simple stuff, and dive into faffing about with tension/timing/whatever. A timely reminder.
  15. That is a nicely made belt, and a good choice of buckle. My wee brain gets addled with Celtic designs, I start to lose my place with them, so yes, well done on that alone.
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