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    leather machines,sewing program solution for leathers

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  1. taokai

    glove machine

    DV-20 Glove machine for sewing glove,smallest post bed
  2. this machine without hook,so,you don't worry about the back stitch thread will be finished soon.
  3. leather machine without hook,especially for leather glove sewing

  4. how to change the leather machines to meet different demands from different customers?

    1. taokai


      this machine model pictures and video link https://www.facebook.com/taokai

  5. sir, you can load our website www.itex-factory-store.com to check out if the accordingly machines can be applied to your buttons snap buttons you can have many choices in China,if you could offer the button pictures and exactly sizes for a reference,I can recommend you more choices for your options
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