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  1. How is everbody, I have always gotten great advice from this forum, and I would like some of the great craftsmen opinion please. Last year I repaired six saddles for a Saddle and tack company that had a major problem with the rigging. The saddles were made in India and the trees were terrible. The rigging had pulled out of the trees because the trees were hollow, just a fiberglass shell! I was paid by the one of the owners of the company in India in person and I proceeded to tell him that these saddles were not good enough for decoration, how he could he endanger his customers with this crap. He paid me and said thank you, I never thought I would hear from them again. This week they called me and want me to build a prototype saddle and the compensation is more than generous. They also want tree company names. They took my advice and are buying leather from Wickett and Craig. I was shown bridles made with the Wickett and Craig leather and they are very nice. He seems like his company wants to really improve the quality of his product. Should I invest the time to put my name with this company and the stigma of India made tack or accept the compensation in hard times?
  2. First off neatsfoot oil is made by the natural oils from the lower bones of cattle legs. A long time ago people noticed that cattle did not suffer any frostbite in thier legs in winter because of the oils that did not get thicker. By boiling those bones after slaughter a low vicosity oil was produced. This oil when applied on veg-tanned leather prolonged the life of the leather and sofened it. The one problem with neatsfoot oil is it will darken the leather. Lexal is a combination of mostly two ingrediants, neatsfoot oil , and liquid lanolien. Lanoline is a natural product from sheep. This product is very good because it will not darken the leather as much as pure neatsfoot oil. The one thing you do not want to put on leather is a petrolium product, this will eventualy break down the leathers fibers. See if this helps. Tim
  3. raftert


    Sorry everybody, I reposted this because for some reason I did not have critique my work showing up on my computer after I posted the cross the first time. I thought that I had messed up. Again sorry ya'll Tim
  4. raftert


    How are everybody, Here is a cross I did for my church auction. I was very proud that it brought 200.00 dollars. Please tell me what ya'll think Tim
  5. Here is a try at a slim jim holster, all input is welcome Tim
  6. oops, here is the front of the bag. Tim
  7. Here is another rope bag I just finished. Wickett & Craig 12 oz saddle skirting. Gullet is 4 oz chrome tanned chap leather. Thanks for all comments Tim
  8. Have any of yall been asked to make questionable products. Thanks Tim
  9. Bob, The gussett is eight inches and the zipper is thirty six inches, so it opens real wide. The gussett is four to six oz. black latigo. The front and back are twelve oz. saddle skirt. Tim
  10. How is Everybody, I just finished this rope bag. All replies are welcome. Tim
  11. Thanks Bob, I have talked to Bruce, He is my cousin. I was just wondering if anyone on this forum have seen one. Tim
  12. How is everybody doing, I am looking for pictures of my great Grandfathers or my Grandfathers saddles. The maker stamps say W. L. Woods Gainesville Texas, or Woods Cheaney Saddles Gainesville Texas. I have one of my grandfathers saddles and one of my Grandfathers saddles is in the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame in Waco Texas. From what I understand they built more harness than saddles. This is in north Texas or south Oklahoma. Thank You Tim Woods Rafter T
  13. How are yall, In a discussion on another topic we were discussing steer tripping and I started thinking if some of yall still have ranch rodeos with wild horse races, wild cow milking, sorting,branding, doctoring, mugging, and all the roping events. The last one we had here we even had tug of war, and egg carry. Tim
  14. First off Bruce, Kieth,and JW thank you for the info I almost forgot the first rule QUALITY, Here in Central Texas we still have quite a few trippings but closer to the bigger cities ( except Ft. Worth ) they almost never happen. Hopefully it wont become a dying art because the horses are some of the best . Thank again Tim
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