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  1. Thanks for the feed back
  2. Thanks Constabulary I sew a few different materials so the 10mm (2 @ 5mm ). for harness work, just to give an idea if it would do it. I was just wondering why someone would say they were no good for sewing leather. From your reply maybe they need to be slowed down .
  3. I am looking at a adler 220-50-73 and have read that they are not a good machine for leather. Can someone tell me why ,and if they could be modified so they were a machine that could sew leather. Thanks
  4. I had a play this morning, the screw you pointed out was tight. I backed out the limiter screw and reset the stitch length to near max. I then tightened the limiter screw, sewing about 5 to the inch when you go to rev it will sew into the same holes but only if you have it in an exact position on the slide. Its as if it needs a set of increments for the spring loaded button to go into. hope this makes sense Thanks again for your help
  5. Thanks Constabulary I'll have a look in the morning
  6. Thanks for your reply Constabulary. I am a bit new to posting so not sure how to add photo, but if i did it would be a mirror of yours. The limiter screw is there and works for adjusting stitch length. Does that mean the adjuster screw is tight? Thanks again for your help.
  7. just bought a singer 45k93, it has reverse but when you go into reverse the stitch length shortens by about 2/3 .Can anyone tell me what the problem might be. thanks Lloyd
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