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  1. Alright, i guess that answers it. Anyone aware of a more economical option in between an Osborne 84 and a cobra class 4? Would like at least and 8 inch blade and machines still in production and support. If i found a steal on an old landis or American it would still be a tough sell given the work needed to get it running smooth and the ones in decent shape are in the $1k range, more than I'd like for something i cant get parts or easy service on.
  2. Title says it. Looking to purchase a splitter, hoping the 8 inch blade will suffice for pieces 6 inches wide. Any insight appreciated. My alternate would be the cobra class 14, but thats overkill and the best part of $2k more in cost to boot. Thanks!
  3. Hey Folks, not sure if my post in help wanted got lost or something but it's not there, so I'm posting here too: A customer contacted me via my etsy shop looking for cleaning and repair of a dog harness that has sentimental value. That's not my area of work at all, so I directed them here and offered to start the ball rolling in helping pass on to them a reputable worker for this. In their words, "there's some damage, and stitching is coming undone in some places." My guess is it's heavier weight because it was for a 100lb+ dog, but that's all I know.
  4. Hey folks, Someone messages me through my Etsy shop asking about repair & cleaning of an old dog harness that has sentimental value. As stated, it has "Some damage, and areas where stitching is coming undone". It's probably heavy weight because it was used on a Doberman. It's not my area of work though, so I've pointed them to this forum, but also offered to pass along info from any responses from folks here I know to be reputable in such areas of work.
  5. Hi folks, I received a resupply of ritza 25 waxed thread and added a bit more variation. Prices start at $3.25 for 15yds, $8.50 for any three color/width combinations of 15yds each, $6.80 for 40yards, etc. Shipping is a dollar $1, so you can have three different colors in a mixture of widths for less than a sawbuck. https://www.etsy.com/shop/JalakLeatherworks?section_id=17533378 Here's the new varieties: 0.6mm Havana Cigar 0.6mm Beige 1.0mm Cream This is in addition to the other 1.0mm colors I have on hand: 1.0mm Havana Cigar 1.0mm Beige 1.0mm mid Brown 1.0mm Black 1.0mm Green 1.0mm Dark Grey
  6. I've got some 3oz soft/medium-tempered horse front that I really like the look of, and I'd like to layer it for user in journal covers & messenger bags. For journal covers, apart from the aesthetics, is there any reason I should cement flesh to flesh or flesh to grain? I'd be stitching it either way, both for the aesthetics of the stitches and the added strength to prevent delamination. On a bag, do you think I would need and additional layer between, like bag stiffener or something firmer in temper?
  7. That cow looks angry, was the collar made from one of his friends?
  8. Still adding stamps, but here's a screenshot
  9. Don't only go through the terms of service with a fine-tooth comb, do it monthly if you work with them. Amazon has a horrible rep for changing the terms of service. For example, the TOS may currently say that you'll be notified of all changes by email 30 days before the change goes into effect. At some point in the future you'll get a notification of a change, and if you don't look carefully at the new TOS, won't notice the 30 day notification clause is what was changed, and now isn't there at all. After which Amazon can change anything without your knowledge. This is the exact sequence they have followed for other services they offer.
  10. Failed? I think I passed most idiot tests I've ever had. Yep, my status as an idiot has repeated confirmation.
  11. Never ordered, but I like that most (all?) leather prices there include shipping, which can be a wild card on other sites, or just very expensive.
  12. For most of my simpler items, one or two. Often the first, as long as I have tested/practiced the individual steps separately. But, I started in on leather to try and make a wrist brace that was comfortable and better looking than "hospital beige". I've made at least a dozen variations on similar & very different ideas, and still never came up with one I'm completely happy with-- the attempts apparently were the extra physical therapy I needed though, and so the prototypes have been shelved for other leather work. My point is that it also depends on what you're making. A card wallet can have a stitch off by half a mm and you might not be able to tell, but half a mm off on where I began an angled cut on a wrist brace might make all the difference. So different items may have different tolerances.
  13. Hey Folks, I have started creating a template for quick & easy mockups of ideas, and just added a few stamps at random. I'll have to inventory & add the ones I have, but in the meantime I have made the template public. Anyone can view, but you'll need to have a gmail account so you can copy into your account & edit. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1to5e_FX7RnWwzFGXz6jGsBmVG56h90aIFTvhzOTnzTg/edit?usp=sharing The really convenient thing about google draw is that if you want to keep making copies, you just hold down control while you drag the stamp, and just drag it to where you want it to go. Along the way it will show where it alligns with the centers & edges of other objects in the drawing. What you see in the template now only took a minute or two or clicking around. I'm willing to entertain requests for stamps to add to the template if you give a link to the stamp you want, but no promise on my turnaround time. For anyone interested in adding stamps on their own copies, I've been creating these from vendor images by using the program Gimp, which is similar to photoshop but free. In Gimp, I add a transparent alpha channel, select the stamp area I want to keep with a 5 pixel "feathered" edge, invert the selection, and cut out the excess. Some refining is necessary on stamps that aren't a perfect square, rectangle, or cirlcle. I then crop to the stamp area I wish to keep, export to .png format, and add to the template. For simple stamps, it only takes about a minute. For the 3d stamp in the template, it took maybe 3 or 4 minutes. For carving, I haven't tried this yet, but I figure line art created in the template might work a bit, or uploads of drawing, I don't think those would work as well as the stamps do since the stamps are actual images of stamped leather. Here's the link, fope it proves useful!
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