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  1. I also would like to know about the japanning process.
  2. Does anyone know anything about a Metropolitan? The picture is from an ad. There were no other pictures.
  3. I agree with Constabulary. I took my 21w30 all apart and wish I didn't. Bent the driving shaft. See "Oops I broke it". Good luck on your project.
  4. Handstitched, I was afraid that if I tried to braze the back, being such a thin arm, the heat would melt all my braze. So I thought better off to play safe and leave as is. I did scarf out the crack to about a 2/3 depth before I brazed. My torches are industrial size not really meant for this fine work. But once all together, you don't see the braze. I am definitely still on the lookout for a replacement part.
  5. Beautiful. Your work inspires me. Thank you for your posts and support.
  6. Handstitched a couple of people have suggested welding. I was actually doing the welding while you were posting. My take up lever is cast so I brazed it. I am pleased with the results. Seems sturdy enough. I couldn't make it any worse. Pop over to my other post "Can anyone help me find this take-up lever" for pics. I started a new thread because I thought I would get more responses.
  7. I have had a couple of people suggest that I weld the take-up lever. So that is what I did. Actually brazed the lever. Here are the pics. I decided against brazing the back side because I was afraid the heat might melt everything. I did groove the front side before I started brazing. Here's the pics.
  8. I have the roller, stud and screw. I just left them out of the picture. I broke the take-up lever putting the machine in a table and not noticing that the 21w30 bed was shorter than the cut-out and the machine fell. I had just finished painting the machine. See "Oops I Broke It".
  9. Any idea where I could chase down this Singer take-up lever, part number 203270 (or 203271 complete)? It is from a 21w30. Thanks
  10. Of course, I had to have an accident when placing the machine into a table. I did not notice that the bed was shorter than my other machine and the 21w30 fell breaking Take-up Lever. Part number 203270 (or 203271 complete). Anyone have an idea where I could chase this part down? Thanks
  11. Here are some pictures of the paint. Next time I have to be a bit more careful as I have paint "shadows" in a few places where there were plugs.
  12. I also have used paint stripper. Works well. I use steel wool with the stripper too. If you check my post "Oops I Broke It" https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/89004-oops-i-broke-it/ I have pics of my stripped machine. I think fresh paint strips easier than old paint.
  13. DanishMan, its hard to tell but are there threads in the hole? I'm thinking of pressing a pin in with threads. The JB weld is a good idea too. You may want to go with a stud and use a nut on your cover. That way you are not working the hole every time you remove the cover.
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