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  1. Juodvarnis

    Leather Worker Looking For Job

    oh sorry for delay, i located in toronto. dont have vysa to travel to US, so i looking just in GTA area. also attaching some more of my work
  2. Juodvarnis

    Patrern Request "plague Doctors Mask)

    8 months? i did mine per weak... well i understood that here i can ask for pasterns...
  3. Juodvarnis

    Plague Doctors Mask

    i know i can do it better, but thanks
  4. i made one but it is not perfect because i made without pattern, maybe somebody has it?
  5. Juodvarnis

    Leather Worker Looking For Job

    I am east from Toronto in Ajax, attaching some of my works. making accessories from leather
  6. Juodvarnis

    Plague Doctors Mask

    It is not perfect, did not had patterns. does anybody have one?