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  1. This is one of the things I was looking for! It needs to be pinned to the belt forum! Many thanks!
  2. I'll be buying the buckle so I can get it whenever. But does the way I make the belt change, as far as measuring it from the button stud instead of the prong, to the center hole?
  3. Hi! A guy wants me to make him a belt with this skull buckle. (pic attached) Do I make it the same as I would with a regular buckle? I think I remember reading somewhere that with these different style buckles you have to measure the belt differently. Help!
  4. Hey chiefjason, thank you! Any chance you'd be willing to share your pattern? (assuming you used one) I can't find ANYTHING for sig patterns.
  5. I'm looking for a holster pattern/template for a sig p320 compact. Any type holster will do. My brother wants me to make one but I can't find any patterns! Also ISO a blue gun. I found bluegunstore.com, are there any other options? Thanks!!
  6. See that's what I was thinking, too. But she just wants two compartments, and I had envisioned doing it the entire length of the bag, instead of across it using the ornamental piece stitch lines.
  7. A friend's wife wants me to make this tote for her. She wants me to add a piece of leather to separate the interior into two compartments. One side for her gun (a 1911) and the other for her makeup, wallet, etc. I don't have a clue how to add the piece she wants without adding another stitch line to attach it to the bag. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!
  8. He wants the whole hood made out of white leather. That's why I told him I'd ask around. Otherwise I'd tell him to buy one similar to the pic he sent.
  9. A guy contacted me this morning and asked if I can make a blinker. I cannot, but told him I would ask around. Any takers?
  10. I want to make a braided wallet chain, but I don't know what to use. My husband says to cut strips of lightweight leather. I say lace. What width is best for a 4 plait braid to use for a wallet chain?
  11. Bahahaha! I was thinking more along the lines of the sr9c pattern for my pistol.
  12. Haha ok! Keep your half dollar and I'll use the link here. Thank you.
  13. No way, I'd much rather pay you for it! I enjoy free as much as the next person, but you put a lot of work into these!
  14. I sent him a snapshot of this one to see if he would be interested in a pancake holster. I'll see if he'd like this one, too. Thank you!
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