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  1. bullmoosepaddles

    Cherry blossom decorated leather purse/clutch,

    Beautiful work. I like this a lot. Simple, elegant and functional.
  2. bullmoosepaddles

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

    I saw a 1911 holster with a zombie influenced skull somewhere. It was way sweet. The maker had used neon green, red, bio hazard related colors for accent and to lend a sort of toxic appearance.
  3. bullmoosepaddles

    WIP Custom Cowboy Rig

    I like the work. Excellent detail. Great shading work. Thank you for sharing.
  4. bullmoosepaddles

    Favorite machine for sanding edges?

    I use a old Craftsman 6x36 inch belt sander for straight edges. You can use the front drive roller for larger curves. I happen to be mostly involved in woodworking. So I also take advantage of a oscillating spindle sander for smaller curves. I normally start out at like 120 or 150 grit which ever is on the machine in use at the time. Then go up to 220 after that I switch to hand sanding for a finer finish, if desired. I find machines and finer grits often have a tendency to burn the leather. Or maybe I am just ham handed. Who knows?
  5. bullmoosepaddles

    New Leather Crafter

    I like this a lot. Great way to pass on the craft. My grandfather was a maintenance mechanic for all of my life and most of his. He was the first one to show me how to use a Speedy Stitcher to repair the bib pocket on one of his work aprons. The grandson will not forget this.
  6. bullmoosepaddles

    Finally done! Carved dog collar

    Grand collar. Lulu is a lucky and soon to be a well dressed girl. Love to see her in it. I like this a bunch. Thank you for sharing.
  7. bullmoosepaddles

    Leather Wallet with Hair On Hide Inlays

    Great work as always. Thank you for sharing.
  8. bullmoosepaddles

    soldering iron edge creaser question

    @RockyAussie That Sir is a beautiful belt. And a great idea. Thank you for sharing. Do you make your tips from brass or another metal? If you don't mind my asking.
  9. bullmoosepaddles

    Hearing protection for stamping leather? Necessary?

    Laughs. As I age this is becoming more and more apparent. Thank you for an early morning chuckle.
  10. bullmoosepaddles

    Nigel's Vimeo Channel

    I subscribed for the misses to use as a learning tool. I maybe should utilize this more than I have. Thank you for the reminder.
  11. bullmoosepaddles

    A real Hand Clutch

    Awesome. Great thinking and execution. I guess a purse in the hand is worth two in the bush. Thank you for sharing and enduring the bad jokes.
  12. bullmoosepaddles

    Contact Adhesives

    You may try Bloxygen. It is basically ultra pure Argon gas, packaged similar to the computer/keyboard dusting gases. It is a heavier than air gas that settles on top of the finish in the can providing a oxygen free barrier. Not tried it on contact adhesive yet. But it sure works on polyurethane and paints. Place the lid loosely on the can of finish, stick the straw from the Bloxygen into the container and give a two second blast then seal the lid. Like I said it works for my poly.
  13. bullmoosepaddles

    The Flatland Drifter

    Beautiful work, great creativity and Imagination. Love this.
  14. bullmoosepaddles

    Tiger and water

    Gorgeous work. The reality is stunning. I showed the picture to the misses. She loves all things feline. Her comment was I hope who ever took that picture made it out alive that is really close. I think you hit this one out of the park so to speak. Do you keep track of hours spent on each project? If so and it is not being to forward. How many hours do you spend on a piece of this quality? Thank you for sharing Gene
  15. bullmoosepaddles

    measure tapes leathered

    So cool. That would be a real gift for someone who uses a tape measure on a daily basis. Great work.