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  1. bullmoosepaddles

    A real Hand Clutch

    Awesome. Great thinking and execution. I guess a purse in the hand is worth two in the bush. Thank you for sharing and enduring the bad jokes.
  2. bullmoosepaddles

    Contact Adhesives

    You may try Bloxygen. It is basically ultra pure Argon gas, packaged similar to the computer/keyboard dusting gases. It is a heavier than air gas that settles on top of the finish in the can providing a oxygen free barrier. Not tried it on contact adhesive yet. But it sure works on polyurethane and paints. Place the lid loosely on the can of finish, stick the straw from the Bloxygen into the container and give a two second blast then seal the lid. Like I said it works for my poly.
  3. bullmoosepaddles

    The Flatland Drifter

    Beautiful work, great creativity and Imagination. Love this.
  4. bullmoosepaddles

    Tiger and water

    Gorgeous work. The reality is stunning. I showed the picture to the misses. She loves all things feline. Her comment was I hope who ever took that picture made it out alive that is really close. I think you hit this one out of the park so to speak. Do you keep track of hours spent on each project? If so and it is not being to forward. How many hours do you spend on a piece of this quality? Thank you for sharing Gene
  5. bullmoosepaddles

    measure tapes leathered

    So cool. That would be a real gift for someone who uses a tape measure on a daily basis. Great work.
  6. bullmoosepaddles

    Bond Arms Driving Holster

    Beautiful work as always. Thank you for sharing.
  7. bullmoosepaddles

    FREE--Box of books, patterns and old The Leather Craftsman

    In case everything above falls apart. I am in.
  8. bullmoosepaddles

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    I am going to go ahead and say this. For years I have wondered what happens when the next generation starts a war for plant rights? We will all starve. But in their defense it will end the overall problem.
  9. bullmoosepaddles

    Mountain lion for my wife

    In awe. That is beautiful work. All around, the modeling, coloring and the actual making of the purse. Thank you for sharing.
  10. bullmoosepaddles

    Cutting leather.

    Like bikermutt07 above always explains to the new folks. Sharpening skills is one of the first, best things you can learn. They go so far into the craft with you. Sharp tools make everything going forward easier, less frustration and more fun. Be patient, enjoy the creative process. Practice, improve and do the same project again in a year. You will be amazed at your progress. Have fun.
  11. bullmoosepaddles

    Cutting leather.

    Dampening does make your leather softer. It also makes it easier to make unwanted impressions on the leather while your handling it. The Tandy manager we originally took classes from, was a great proponent of cutting damp leather. I have done it both ways. Since I learned to sharpen my tools well I like dry best.
  12. bullmoosepaddles

    Burnishing - how many RPM?

    My reply does not answer your question. It does present you with a less expensive option and provide you with easily achievable results. I never tried it originally because it seemed to simple. I turned burnishers, used lathes, drill presse, 1/4 horsepower motor to turn wheels of different types and sizes. I chased the illusive perfectly burnished edge for a while looking for an easier way. The best edges I have ever produced were using the method demonstrated by Don Gonzales on YouTube. It cost next to nothing as compared to the burnishers I tried. Also that method has never given me a bad edge. For a rag, soap, stick and water its worth a try. I wish you well in your search.
  13. Awesome stitching. If I ever grow up and become a leather worker, I hope I can stitch like that. Just beautiful choice of materials. Thank you for sharing.
  14. bullmoosepaddles

    Gun Show Signs

    We made a rack that we clamp to the tables. The wire is grid wall. A 3 inch wide board with a 1/4 groove in it for the grid wall to seat into. Small clamps hold the grid wall and board to the tables. I am setting up a slide program that will run company name, product photos, shop work photos. Flat screen monitors are fairly inexpensive, especially used ones. Most of the spaces we set up in are 8x8 or 10x10 U-shaped booths a monitor on each end table at head high will scroll your photo gallery and company name. A 30 inch high table height and 48 inch grid wall height puts the monitor above most heads. Also a six foot long by 30 inch wide tabletop gives you 15 sq foot of display space. Add to that two 18"inch deep x 48" high end panels and a 6' wide x 48" tall back panel and you turn the 15 foot table top into 51 square foot of display space for the same entry fee. The vertical part of which is more visible from a distance. Plus makes a very good impression. I am not to the launch point yet. But I have seen competitors make it work for some time now. Depending on your budget small programmable signs can be had from many sources for not a lot of bucks. Good luck
  15. bullmoosepaddles

    Decided to retire so Cobra 4

    Which of the variations of that model do you have for sale?