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  1. Good work. That is a bunch of bullets. I see a matching set of suspenders in a future order.
  2. I can not market. but may be interested in buying one for myself. If that would work for you.
  3. Not sure sure bout the UK. Most moderate size cities in the states have rubber belting companies in them. Like mentioned above, many have scraps in the size you need. Often for free. worth looking into.
  4. Beautiful work overall. But that is the most impressive bar grounding work I have seen. Thank you for sharing. Great photography to boot.
  5. Several years ago I accepted an offer for a free motor. I paid shipping from GA to NC, about $25 if I remember correctly. It sits under my bench currently. I intend to use it as a motor for a buffing wheel. With a 1.75 in drive to 6 in driven pulley set, that will slow down the revolutions to roughly 1000 rpm. It is a heavy duty motor with foot control. For $25 bucks I will give it a try. Trying to work a small leather shop into my the corner of my wood shop. Its coming along slowly.
  6. Many here know much more than me about finishing leather. And how it works for them. I would bet Angelus has a customer service department that can connect you with technicians that can help you. Most larger chemical companies have excellent technical service. The only fall back is it will be with their products. But if the price is reasonable and the results predictable. You have a winner. In my experience quality leather finishing products have similar price points. Good luck.
  7. My rabbit holes never seem to come out looking that good. Your life will be easier keeping up with your tools also. Now you can devote more time to chasing rabbits.
  8. That was a true pleasure to watch. And to think, I often consider some of my chisels to be sharp. But not like that. Thank you for sharing.
  9. I learned to use metric measure in the machine shop. It is much simpler and more accurate. Easier on the mind when you embrace it. Metric scales of varying sizes are your friend. They are fairly inexpensive. The better one do not live at Walmart. I would suggest a good etched set with cork backing from a office or hobby shop,
  10. If it functions near as well as it looks. I would certainly see folks buying them. Might be the sort of thing you could try on Etsy.
  11. Beautiful work. I like both the knife and the sheath. Something about the combination speaks to me. It is certainly something any cutlery aficionado would want to own.
  12. @JLSleatherI am assuming Bernie sold most of his work to kinky Americans who mostly understand feet. I found the entire lace cutting video embedded in a whip making tutorial. If your interested? If not then maybe it will inspire someone else. Go well Sir. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF6843B25F674C890
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