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  1. * Designed for all your leather hand stitching needs * Keeps items securely in place * Durable oak frame * Contoured pine seat * Grips are leather padded to hold items securely in place * Convenient foot pedal locks jaws Shipping depends on where you live. I live in Alabama. Will take to post office and give you price for shipping. It has been taken apart in two pieces. Email: cocorymer@gmail.comfor more pics. shipping in USRanges from $50 -$70
  2. HI, I was hopeful you could tell me the US source for hornback croc. I have someone that wants a cognac hornback belt and found alligator Jake's but I would like another referral, please. Thank you!
  3. Have you found anyone? I am looking for a hornback supplier as well. Please let me know if you do. Thanks!
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