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  1. I like it - it looks like something you could find in an 18th century study
  2. Hope I didn't skip the part in which there would have been the answer to my question, but: how much longer does the actual strand of leather have to be compared to the finished bracelet?
  3. Yeah, thanks for the time and effort - and for sharing
  4. Hm, I've got one of those right here... How do you apply it? With just a wet finger?
  5. While I was reading about the different kinds of finishes available, I came across people mentioning that they're finishing their edges with "saddle soap" respectively "glycerine saddle soap". As I would like to give that a go: can anyone tell me if the soap needs to have the glycerine or if the simple "saddle soap" works just as fine? Any help on the subject appreciated!
  6. Tried my luck and used a pattern I found in a book to make myself a pair of ballerinas. Not because I'm particularly fond of this type of shoe but because I wanted to try sewing an upper to a sole without bothering too much with the pattern making to begin with. I didn't dye anything apart from the cut edge of the leather sole, but the edge will definitely need some more attention next time. As proposed in the book, I reinforced cap and heel - and glued a Vibram kind of material under the leather sole. Don't think they're too shabby for a first attempt at kind of a "closed" shoe, but wouldn't mind some second opinions at all
  7. A little bit about me: I'm quite new to working with leather although I've been sewing my own clothes for several years now. As I've learned more and more about how to make clothes that really fit me, I've always been a bit sad that I still had to buy shoes... So I never tired of telling people that "one day" I would love to get my hands on an Adler - and finally it happend Took me some time to figure out how it worked (it's an Adler 30-10 shoe patcher), but lately I finished my first project with it: a simple pair of flip flops Alas, the edges didn't turn out quite the way I wanted them to look - so I started reading about working with leather and watching clips on youtube, and more than once my search led my directly here. As I saw more and more of the beautiful things one can do with leather, I decided to get a bit deeper into the matter. The dream would be to one day make shoes just exactly the way I want them to look and feel - it's going to be a long and rocky path, then again I love learning new stuff. Right now, I'm waiting for some basic tools to arrive and then I'd like to start with some simple stuff to get a better feel for the material. So I thought it'd be great to have a place to ask for help when I get stuck Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.
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