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  1. Thanks for your comments! I am in no rush to sell, so maybe time is on my side and taking the time to research will benefit all involved.
  2. I am seeking advice on selling my leatherwork collection. I attached a list of the books, dvds, stamps, and other items that I hope to sell. Where have you found the best luck in selling your items: this site, Ebay, other sites? Do you recommend grouping items together or selling individually? Any suggestions on getting the best pictures? How do you recommend pricing the items? I'm assuming a few books, like the Home Study Course, are harder to come by but am not sure of it's worth. I was unable to find the record of what I had paid originally. We live 25 miles from town, which only has a post office. We do not have a UPS or FedEx nearby. Any thoughts on how to ship items? Any help, advice, suggestions, comments, or two cents would be appreciated.Thank you. Leatherwork Books and Supplies - Inventory to Sell.doc
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