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  1. I did a quick search on “Since”, but didn’t find anything. it looks as if Tandy decided they better put out some better tools, instead of resting on their laurels.? lots of competition out there. thank you for the response.
  2. I received the new flyer from Tandy, anyone know anything about the SINCE manufacturer? They look pretty good on paper! Thank you
  3. I do have a water bladder from Tandy for that, thank you. And I will probably use it, but was interested in the historical context.
  4. A quick and straight question! I want to do a water bottle, but I live in Florida, south Florida! Sub-Tropical! Question: for the wax sealing inside, how does hot temperatures affect the seal? How to deal with the heat? I am sure historically this had to be dealt with! Ok, a couple questions! Thank you cheers
  5. Thank you Frodo, I got it. And a great looking bag.
  6. Frodo, thank you. can I ask what you mean by a plate? The plastic on the back panel makes sense.
  7. Thank you, I emailed them with my questions and waiting to hear back. beautiful bags they make!
  8. Good day, I am building my first saddle bag for a HD sportster for a friend. I don’t ride, so I have no experience and looking for some information. on mitigating water incursion, if caught in the rain, riding or parked, Is only flap sufficient or is “dog ear” tabs inside required? While riding, does air pressure pick up the flap and allow moisture in, or will the slipstream around you prevent that? the bag is to be mounted using the forward fender mount bolt, through the inside of the bag, will the metal washer affect the leather or is no issue? thank you Richard
  9. Thank you. I do like that idea.
  10. Thank you. I can see that working better then what I was thinking. Richard
  11. Greetings, I was looking for some advice/suggestions about belts. My friend bought a belt that is too big and asked me to shorten it. Yep, sure can, no problem...then I received the belt. The belt is filigree from the tip of the billet to about 3 - 4 inches from the buckle. There is not enough space between the filigree to trim from the billet and I need to shorten it more then what’s at the buckle end. With the filigree, I don’t think a typical; cut, skive and glue will be strong enough, or is it? Or the best way? So, I was thinking about cutting the buckle end off, remove a section of the filigree and re-attach the buckle end using a “ <-“. split the buckle end, “v” skive the filigree part glue and stitch. ? My concern is that the belt is only about 1/8” thick, so would that make a strong enough joint? Any suggestions or alternative ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration and time. Have a great day! Richard
  12. Please share my hearty congrats to Caitlin! A 15 year old girl out of Fort Collins, Colorado. A real go-getter and and boon to leathercrafts future. I work with her father, and when I heard how enthusiastic she is about life in general and leather craft specifically, I filled a large envelope with all my duplicate tools and stamps, mostly To get an idea about Caitlin, her father told me a story, “we were sitting at the table for breakfast, Caitlin had a far-away look and I knew something was brewing, Caitlin finally looked up and announced, “ I want to build a boat”. And she did! She is on her school bull riding team, 4H club and maintains great grades. When she didn’t have the money to buy a friend a b’day gift, she made one in leather. She made her own gloves for bull riding. Just recently, she won the Larimer County Fair Overall Champion Leathercrat Exhibit, she made a pair of chaps, If I remember correctly, 3000 hand punched and hand stitched holes and a couple other projects she had to do as a first entry to the fair, in her first year! Did I mention she is 15!? Hidepounder, if you come across this, she draws inspiration from your works, and many others on this site. My enthusiasm comes from knowing that there are some young people with the fire to keep this craft, as old as man’s history, alive and well. Help me congratulate Caitlin, I know she is a member of this site, and also recognize any other youngsters that have partaken the elixir, called leathercraft. Knowing the torch will be passed to capable and well deserving hands! A whole category should be made for this purpose. Thank you for your indulgence and time for this matter. Richard
  13. Sorry! Rookie mistake, I will be hand stitching, just around the perimeter of the seat where the top and bottom pieces meet. Seat shaped like old fashioned bike seat, with a thin closed cell foam cushion on flat metal seat pan. As of now I’m planning to use 1mm tiger thread. Sorry no pictures as I am away from the project. Thank you Richard
  14. I’m about to do my first motorcycle seat recovering. Nothing exciting, just new leather. I plan to have a bottom and top pieces sewn together. Please, what is the minimum/maximum size thread that you would use? Thank you, Richard
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