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  1. Great looking Holster !! I really like the hidden belt loops, makes it look very clean and streamlined,
  2. Cowboybob, You Rock!!! You saved my butt, I had to get a wallet out today for a customer. Your video was clear and concise. Thank you Richard Epting Customs
  3. I have a bit of a problem this morning with my Cobra 18. I would call Steve but its Saturday and hope you guys can help before I call him on Monday. I started to sew a piece of 4 oz leather this morning and got a Bobbin jam. I cut out the thread jam and after that it looks like the shuttle set screws on the main shaft are loose and put it out of time. When the needle comes down and passes thru the slot it hits metal and does not pass thru and pick up bobbin thread. I have no idea where to set the part with the set screw in relation to rotation of the bobbin shuttle. Any ideas? Thanks Richard
  4. Josh, I have always like your work. very clean.
  5. Another show is around the corner October 2-3 in Wichita Falls. Anyone going? I will be there on Friday. Richard Epting Epting Customs
  6. I will be there on Friday all day. This will be my 4th year to go. I stock up on a lot of stuff for the up coming year at this show.
  7. Thanks for the complements. The dark piece is Black Shark.
  8. I received a M&P shield for fathers day and needed a holster for it. Still needs a few tweeks here and there on the pattern for the next one but it came out fair. W&C 7/8 Chestnut with Shark trim. Thanks for looking Richard. www.eptingknives.com
  9. Guys I used 6/7 Wickett & Craig saddle skirting. StrigaMort, Yes I am on Blade forums as well. That was one of my favorite knife sheath builds.
  10. I talked to Josh as well at Blade show. He makes a very fine round knife. Very nice guy as well. Richard
  11. Andrew, sometimes depending on which area of the gator your using it can be a pain finishing the edges, I use Elmer's glue stuffed into any edge that is open or foamy. You can then edge as normal. Most of the time it edges fine. Richard
  12. I received mine on Friday. It works great!! and a great price also. Thanks Sylvia for passing on this deal.
  13. Thanks for the complements folks. Vaalpens I used the Chicago screws because they look nicer on the back side. Olds cool Yes I am the maker of the knife also. Thanks Richard
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