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  1. Craftaid-2819-pt-1.pdf Craftaid-2819-pt-2.pdf Craftaid-2819-pt-4.pdf
  2. Thank you for the comments. I dont get a lot of customers asking for floral carving, mainly basketstamp or simple boarders. I decided to go through Stohlman's holster book and the F.O. Baird's patterns to practice tooling. Ill see if I can scan this craftaid and make up a PDF for anyone that would like it
  3. Found this Al Stohlman holster craftaid buried in a box someone gave me. Decided to give it a try and practice my tooling. Pattern was for a .38 revolver so I used a K-frame S&W Model 10 mold from Bunkhouse Tools. I wanted to try some antiquing gel and went with Med. Brown and hand stitched it just for fun.
  4. I see now that the fender is on the wrong side. In my haste to get some quick pictures before running out the door to make some deliveries I placed it on the wrong side.
  5. Had a unique saddle come into the shop and its something we have never seen before. There is no maker's mark or any identifying marks on it. Its has a interesting fender and stirrup adjustment set up that reminds me of a Monte Foreman balanced ride saddle. It has a kind of half mochila with fleeced skirts underneath attached to the tree and blevins buckles are attached to the "mochila" under the fender. I had to remove the seat and "mochila" to get skirts off the sew on new fleece. Any info on maker would be helpful. Thank you Matt
  6. For saddle scabbards we have several poster board patterns we follow and straps stay in same place. Patterns originally came from tandy or Will Ghormley pattern packs you can buy. Only I have moved the strap placement is when making scabbards for motorcycles
  7. He wanted them heavy So I used 8oz Hermann Oak with a 3-4oz liner.
  8. Had a someone bring me a bolt action Remington 7mm Mag and wanted a saddle scabbard for elk hunting. He had just bought a new scope that was over 3in in diameter and the adjustment turrets came out to almost 4in. After convincing him it was possible to make one for such a large scope, apparently a few other people took on the project but then backed out, he order two more for his sons. After some molding with a length of pvc pipe everything fit perfectly. I gave the project the nickname "the three amigos". All three are veg tanned lined with latigo binding. One of his son's rifles had a barrel a few inches longer than the other two but that was easy to adjust for
  9. Howdy, I was removing the old leather and rawhide off of a McClellan tree that I had just received and found something interesting. Under the old rawhide near the pommel I found a slip of paper (pic below) still in good condition. It had printed on it "Manufactured By J.M. Hays Wood Products Jefferson City U.S.A.". The only information I could find on the internet was that they made duck decoys from 1921-1925. I was curious if anyone had any additional information about the company and when they produced saddle trees. Also has anyone found similar "manufactured by" papers in their saddle? Thanks Matt
  10. Thanks. Here is a photo of the back. The original holster was in three separate parts that were the main holster body, belt loop, and flap. It had about 6 heavy copper and washer rivets holding the flap and loop to the back. I thought it was a litter over kill and made flap part of the main body.
  11. Howdy, I recently acquired a McClellan saddle tree and going to make it my winter cabin fever project. I would like to find some books or documentation with detailed information on McClellan saddles. I have see some copies of original blueprints on the internet but never a completed set. I"m interested in measurements for the rigging, stirrup adjustments, ect. If anyone has some suggestions or can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks Matt
  12. Had a customer come into the shop with a original WWII era M1917 revolver holster that needed repairs. I was able to get a pattern from it and decided to make a prototype for my .357 K frame revolver. After a bit of adjustments of the pattern to fit my smaller frame this is what I ended up with.
  13. You can find a pretty good pattern pack for buscadero style belts through tandy or ebay. It pretty much has all the F.O. Baird patterns for a number of different style holsters and belts. For the loops I punched 1in slots and stripped a 1in strap thinned down to about 4oz. Dampen strap, rivet on one end, feed strap through slots stretching it around cartridges and then rivet on opposite end. I take a block of wood wide as the gap between cartridges and tap down the gap. Applied contact cement on back side and liner then stitched around belt
  14. Thanks, If i ever get around to making another "just for fun" saddle, I would use this pattern
  15. My first gun belt for my with a holster for my 1911 stiched on tippmann boss. Loops are for my .357 that I'm in the process of making a holster for and 1911 mag pouch with the same pine cone pattern. I used a pattern out of Al Stohlman inverted carving book
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