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  1. I did scrape the old belt off with a toothpick before I put the new one on and my machine didn't have that screw on the end of the hand wheel when I got it. I was going to buy one, but not if I don't need it With the bearings, do you mean the ones that are part of the bushing near the hand wheel? They seemed pretty good when I had the piece out, but I will definitely look again. When that whole section moves, should it be able to move without the hand wheel? Should it be able to move without the timing belt on? It's difficult to crank it without the hand wheel and I remember it not moving almost at all when the belt was off. Should any of these moving parts move freely without each other, or do they need each other to move at all? Remind me that it's about the journey, not the destination haha
  2. Hi guys! Here's the update ... Everything is back together like it's supposed to be. The arrows are lined up underneath and I didn't have to time it again, I sanded the area before putting the bushing back in and that worked great also. The problem I'm having now is that it's hard to turn the wheel and everything seems really tight. I'm wondering if the new belt is a tiny bit too short? When I put it on I had to lift the bushing a little to whack it back in. I oiled all the spots listed and even a few more. When I put the pedal to the metal on the clutch motor, the clutch belt spins on the machine and won't grab it. That belt is really old too and has no grip anyway. When it does move the machine it takes off uncontrollably. I'm thinking I need two new belts, inside and out. Any other ideas would be great. You guys have been more than helpful!
  3. Hi guys! I'm so excited to tell you about my progress! I kept saying, "I have to tell my leatherworker friends!" I got the bushing out and all thanks to you guys! I would have never thought to or wanted to whack it out until you guys said that's the ONLY way out. I uploaded some pics and hopefully all of this can help someone else too. I started off modestly and then just started hitting it out with whatever fit. I ended up using the thread holder towards the end. It was the only long, metal piece that I could fit and hit! Thanks so much!! Tammy
  4. Tools of the process - I used the ratchet and the mallet to get it started. When it got too tight for the ratchet, I used the allen wrench set and the mallet. When it really got tight I used the thread stand top piece and the mallet! I soaked the area with PB Blaster first. That stuff stinks so do not use it indoors. Wear gloves to protect your hands.
  5. And the arm shaft bushing finally came out! I was so happy with this small victory! It has it's battle scars now. The ball bearings still move perfectly and it's still in working condition.
  6. A few more whacks and a little more PB Blaster spray and it kept moving. I still couldn't believe it.
  7. This was after the first few whacks. I couldn't believe it moved!
  8. You guys are hilarious! I think I've taken out every screw possible that has anything to do with the bushing. I guess it's time to whack it! I figured there had to be some special "something" to do, but sometimes the hammer fixes everything. I'll update my progress as I do it. I can't thank you guys enough! If I get more stuck I'll check in again too. Thanks, guys! Tammy
  9. Thanks, Eric! It's actually been a great amount of frustrating fun so far. I live for the "ah ha!" moments with this. This seems so simple but for a newbie this is gold! Tammy
  10. Thank you so much, Glenn! The first screw I removed was the one in the back. I even had to buy a new screwdriver set to get the pully unscrewed. I'm going to look into everything you have listed here. These are great places to start! Thanks again, Tammy
  11. I have the original manual and a variety of military manuals. I've read previous forum posts on here and looked for videos. I've taken out / loosened all screws involved and I removed the pully. This bushing is stuck! This machine is a beauty and has about 99% of all it's original USA parts. The bushing is original USA and I don't think it's ever been removed. The machine belonged to an elderly woman who sold her house and left the machine there for the realtor to get rid of. I got wild and chopped out the original timing belt for obvious old belt reasons. I'm trying to get the bushing out to put the new belt on. I can't help but think I must be missing something. If there are tricks to getting out arm bushings that seem fused in, I am open to any and all suggestions.
  12. I absolutely can't get the arm shaft bushing out of my 111W155 machine. I took out all the appropriate screws that have been mentioned and I've followed the directions in the manual and forums here. It looks fused to the head! I know it's not because it's all separate parts, but it won't come out!

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