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  1. I personally haven’t from anyone in the states. I’ve asked about the machine and the response so far has been that they aren’t entering our market just yet. Nippy had a great reputation for skivers though. I’d imagine if you’re going mini you have a very specific type of work you do and don’t plan on branching out, as that machine has more limitation than the traditional size of I’m not mistaken
  2. So you went full thickness for the outer body but 3oz on the pockets? How’s it turn out? That’s still pretty thick. I see many makers overseas get their shell thinned quite a bit and it just makes for a much sleeker look. I’m looking to do my first wallet too but have no way of splitting without send it out
  3. Rocky Mountain sells shinki horse butts. Tanned the same as cordovan but more affordable. I’ve used tochigi, it is a gorgeous leather. It gives you a shine like cordovan even though it isn’t, it’s the only “regular” veg I’ve come across like it. A close second is russet harness from wicket. I made a wallet 2 years ago out of it along with the tochigi to see how they’d age and I can barely tell the 2 apart, not to mention my wallet is holding up great and still smells like leather!! The person I got my tochigi from years ago in the states doesn’t carry it anymore, you’d have to order it direct from Japan.
  4. True. The thing with goat is the ability to burnish. I love the look of goat but I like the natural edge finish of the cordovan
  5. Still feeling the same about this?? I love the shine Shinki is able to produce but I wouldn’t want it to feel like plastic though!
  6. What did you decide?? I too am looking to make my first wallet out of shell for my brother but he is a card hoarder a d there’s no way this can be used at its usual thickness for the amount of pockets needed!
  7. Thx for the reply. I currently make footwear but I’m looking to get into bag making so I need this thing not mark, like ever (per say). I think that price is very fair, will keep that in mind once I do pull the trigger! I’m thinking of getting a Ferdco because it comes with the 2 motors for better control. Unfortunately due to space constraints I personally couldn’t do the vac even if I wanted too. I would need to get the usual table cut down to pretty much the size of the actual skiver itself. I’ve seen many Asian makers due this for the same reasona. Probably butt it up against one of my sewing machine tables to have some sort of space for longer panels of leather to lay while skiving though, but the full size table is out for me. Will still have to find another solution for this leather bunching problem though...
  8. Whoa! Do u mean machines that you aren’t currently putting to use or skiving machines specifically?? (I hope not the latter!)
  9. Can we still get you to make us one of the roller feet? What would we need to send u down to do so? I believe most of these skiving machine parts are interchangeable. Do u have suggestions on the vacuum extractor (maybe I missed the link). Until your reasoning I honestly didn’t see a purpose for one, sounded like one more thing to make noise in my (home) studio which I don’t want, but sounds like it could be necessary!
  10. Lol wouldn’t we’ll all?? Pretty sure this guy has a nippy and I’ve heard nothing but good things about those. Seems hard to find in the states though. I’m currently in the market for a skiving machine myself, one with 2 motors in hopes of lessening the learning curve so this thread is helpful. Really hope the original poster can get through this issue. It would really suck to have a $1500 paper weight!
  11. Just checking in on this... How's it going with this machine?? Made anything with it yet? What do u think of it so far?
  12. Thx for posting this, I hope this guy still has access to this dog!
  13. This was super helpful. I’m considering this machine for bag/wallet/belt making. I want and Adler but that just too pricey at the moment, the Juki looks like it too could get the job done. Thx!
  14. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I’m super jelly!!! Get it all unloaded and setup and tell me whatcha think. It’s still on my list of “to get”s...
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