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  1. Ok. I didn’t thin down the inner pockets really so I’ll try that and see how it’s goes.
  2. Having this same problem with a shell wallet I just made... did any of the things suggested actually work? Obviously this wallet is already completed but definitely want to avoid this in the future! (Photo looks exactly like the one posted above, too much trouble to resize my pic)
  3. Does anyone have a solution for this on roller feed driven machine?? The roller isn’t exactly accessible on machines like this unlike flat beds... will parchment paper work without deflecting stitches?? Id rather not ruin shell Cordovan with these marks!! (And no I don’t want to hand stitch. Not my thing!) thx
  4. Doubt it. This type of look can be achieved with dye however. Search for Orion calf. As far as the wax goes I’d honestly suggest buying it from someone who already has the formula down pat
  5. Very nice, thx for posting! Also thanks for that link, I had never seen pockets folded that way before! Ps, when you made your orange wallet what spi were you using??
  6. I wouldn’t mind a vid on how you turn something like inside out frankly. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how you did it without ripping a stitch! Great work!
  7. Would love to see your method on how to do a turned edge like this when it isn’t a straight across pocket! edit: now I see that this particular pocket was not rolled, but none the less will still love to see your process for a roller edge! Nice work
  8. You may be able to get a space saver table from Hoffman brothers
  9. Thanks a lot for posting this, I’m on the hunt for a quality lining fabric that comes in lots of colors as well. would you not suggest purchasing jacquard from somewhere else? I got sure can’t meet the minimums that where mentioned here!
  10. For sure, definitely seen a lot like that. I’ve also come across finer work like this though, where it’s clearly been thinned down. Just can’t pinpoint a weight!
  11. Thanks for getting back with this! I am still awaiting a quote from a company closer to home that I reached out to before I got on the site. I will think about this one and see what would be the best option between the two. Thank you
  12. Thanks a lot for your reply your work is very nice! If you made a wallet out of shell Cordovan, would you you also do the same by thinning it down? Id think it could be either lined or unlined but I’m not sure. Curious as too how others would go about it
  13. Cool beans. If you could also post a photo of all the extras it comes with, rollers feet etc. thx
  14. Thanks a lot for your reply! I was able to go through some other post and someone else had asked a similar question, so now that I think of it that totally makes sense! This way your not stuck with the flesh side of the leather on the inside panels which over time are bound to catch lint and debri. I’m going to have to get a skiver to pull this type of construction off though... thanks!
  15. This looks great! When you say it’s lined, what is it lined with?? I’d imagine it’s not another piece of leather otherwise that would defeat the purpose of splitting so thin to begin with
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