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  1. I use dowel rods or the metal tubes some cigars come in as the mold. After everything is tooled, stained/dyed, and stitched, wet the leather and use the dowels or tubes and a bone folder to shape or mold the slots for the cigars.
  2. Thanks. Most of what I have found are either the cowboy style or, if concealed, are the horizontal rather than vertical. I will check it out though for sure. Thanks again!
  3. Great pattern. Very helpful. I bought and competed a kit from Tandy for > 20$ n the hope of understanding how to do the pockets but your at term was far more helpful!
  4. Anyone have a pattern for a Taurus Judge model 4510 with 3" barrel? This would be a vertical carry. Would prefer to have the concealed carry version rather than the western - cowboy version id possible. Thanks in advance!
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