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  1. Hi Folks! A friend of mine asked me to make a sissy bag or saddle bags for his Harley Davidson bike. He doesn't want vegtanned leather. Taking into consideration that the bags will be used in different weather conditions (rain, dust etc.) what leather could be used to make such bags? Chrometanned, distressed? What weight (thickness) would be better? 5-6 or 6-8 oz? I think it must be firm leather. And if you know best source where I can get leather for such bags. Your advise would be highly appreciated.
  2. I ordered from this website one kit just to try. And if I describe the quality if this kit only the preps would be decorous and rest will be swearing. Instead of L-shape strap supporters they sent me ordinary D-ring. Finally yesterday in the evening I found hardware that I was looking for in my city. Thanks God! Thank for all. I think the topic is over.
  3. Hi folks! I've got Hermes Birkin bag pattern. And now I'm looking for hardware (strap supporter, closures and bag feets) for this bag. Any ideas would much appreciated.
  4. Hi folks! I am looking for original #5 YKK zippers (chain or 30 inch and more) made in Japan. YKK zippers that recently ordered from US (made in US) is real crap. So now suppliers as pacific trimming, zipupzipper, zipperstop are not considered at all. Riri zippers with their prices comparable with Jaguar car price as well. Your advice would be highly appreciated.
  5. Thank you for the link. But on german ebay there is no thread that I need. I found Serafil thread in South Korea (much better for me ).
  6. Hi Folks! I'm trying to get Guterman Tera 5, 8, 10, 15 or Mara 8, 11, 15. But in Australia this threads as far as know not available. Yesterday I've sent a message to HQ of Gutermann in Germany. They responded very quickly and lady told me that she will resend my message to the local australian dealer. When the dealer will contact me only the God knows. So my question is where I can order this threads in Europe or US? Your help would be much appreciated.
  7. Thank you for your information. The problem is that the prices in Au are ridiculous. And I think Cowboy will cost a lot of money.
  8. Dear Colleaugues, Now I'm thinking to buy my first sewing machine. I'am basing in Canberra and sewing machines Techsew, Cobra, Tippmann are not available on australian market. Could someone tell me something about sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4432? Is this machine real heavy duty or it is just a marketing trick? I want to try to use it for sewing wallets or bags using veg tan leather or chrome or oil tanned leather. Your help would be highly appreciated!
  9. The nearest location of Tandy in pacific region is Tandy in Australia. If you are interested in veg tanned leather you may contact New South Wales Leather company (contact person Claude). They have huge range of any kind and thickness of leathers. They have best quality of veg tan leather from Argentina. Very smooth.
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