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  1. Hi everyone, Last year I purchased a Tacsew T111-155. I'm having a few issues. It tends to "spit" out oil drops as I'm sewing creating a mess and ruining leather I'm sewing on. Also the thread coming from the top tend to get oily as well. When I sew the first inch is usually oily. How can I avoid this? Thanks!!!
  2. That makes sense Tom. Thanks for sharing the chart!
  3. As I'm using my Tacsew T111-155 I'm noticing issues with it. First off is it normal to have to spend a lot of time to get the tension correct? I have the tension *pretty* good but I can still see a few loops on the top. I have verified its threaded properly and bobbin is in correctly. I'm using 69 weight thread with a 23 tri needle on 2oz leather. Also sometimes the belt doesn't grab the motor and it just spins. I've adjusted the motor and belt a few times. It mostly happens when I stop in the middle of sewing and go to start again. In order to resume sewing I have to turn the hand wheel. The motor is almost down all of the way and it seems like there is proper give on the belt. I am learning a lot from you all and I appreciate the continued help!
  4. I appreciate the help. I will try your tips. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I recently bought a new Tacsew T111-155 machine with a Servo motor. I tested it out with 138 weight bonded nylon thread and 135x16 size 20 TRI needles. I'm having issues going over 5mm of leather seam. It skips stitches right before the seam. Also it seems like the 138 is way too heavy for the leather which is about 2mm thick. Would 69 be too thin???
  6. I'm looking to purchase either a new Tacsew T111-155 or a used Singer 111w155. Price is about the same. Either machine will have a Servo motor. I'm looking to sew leather pouches/bags around 1/4" thick. I've been reading up on both and the more reading I do the more I get confused and change my mind. My budget Max is $1000 so many machines are out of the question. Which one would you get as your first industrial?
  7. Great. I will call when I'm ready in a few months. Although having 2 small kids does not make Toledo an easy day trip especially if I want to haul back an industrial machine 😉
  8. Sorry! I'm Tara. I live in Chicago, IL and yes handbag weight. Not really heavy but my vintage machines are having a hard time sewing through seams. And I know home machines aren't meant for regular leather work. Thanks for the info. I'll troll around EBay to gauge prices. I'm hoping to stay in the $800-$1000 range but I don't know if that's doable. I appreciate your response!
  9. Hi everyone! I've been perusing the boards for a few weeks trying to read up on the types of machines and motors out there. I'm looking to sew leather bags and pouches. From what I've read it seems like a triple feed machine is what I need. Can you tell me what a reasonable budget is for a used machine? Thanks and I look forward to learning from everyone here!!!
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