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  1. MMW is still my bestseller, I change design a little bit( only for interior pocket) and used veg tan leather for lining , edges look great,overall wallet feels like it can be used for decades , can wait to see patina on this one , and I used this wallet to practice my new stitching technique .
  2. Hope that I will be able to explain , this is little test that I did to change my stitching, so there are 8 lines but only 4 stitching patterns that I did, (difference is top 4 rows holes are in this direction /////, and bottom 4 are opposite) . 1-face needle first then back needle goes under plus loop on face side. 2-face ,back under, no loop 3-face, back above, plus loop 4-face, back above, no loop So ,for me number 3 looks best, (no matter what direction holes are) stitching looks identical on both sides, before I was doing number 1( face would look great but I was not happy with back) Hope that you understand me, and that this helps.
  3. Well, face side of project faces my right arm, so I go first with right needle then left needle above (before I was doing left needle below) and loop on face side ( I stitch away from me) I know it is a small thing but stitches look way better hope this make sense.
  4. For long time I wasn't happy with my stitching (the face of project would look great, but I wasn't happy with back) so I change my stitching , so I did this project to test myself and must say I am happy with my stitches now. SORRY NO VIDEO FOR THIS PROJECT
  5. Thanks, leather is treated with oil for that color, and the older it gets the patina will be even better , already looks like something that grandpa was carrying . Thanks, hope you post it here.
  6. Thanks I was a little depressed that Leatherman logo is not visible on pouch.
  7. Thanks, just to let you know this was made from two pieces (one for Leatherman, and another for flashlight) I dont know how it would turn if it was done all in one piece.
  8. I did this couple days ago for myself, I usually cary some multitool with me, and flashlight is a MUST , but carrying all this (and then a knife, a wallet and phone ) can be uncomfortable, so I made myself this pouch, it can be easily put on and off because of metal belt clip. I was afraid that it will feel like a "brick" on my belt but I am happy how it turn.
  9. Thanks, I prefer this kind of pocket slots I think they are more secure and looks better more "stealth" if you know what I mean.
  10. Thanks, in first couple of videos I was talking and explaining but for this one I went just with music, it is still weird for me to hear my own voice.
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