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  1. Nice! I really like the leather handle. EJ
  2. I padded mine with some 8oz veg tan leather glued on to the jaws. My pony is a bit shorter, with the base board a little wider. I can either, using my shop stool, sit with my legs on the baseboard, pinning it to the stool seat, or, clamp it to the bench. I really like the adjustment device on yours. Mine is just a bolt with a wing nut. Kinda hard to tighten up. I may have to modify mine. Thanks for posting. EJ
  3. They are "nail head rivets", Copper or brass.
  4. Don't worry, after you lose part or most of a finger, it'll never get cut again. EJ
  5. Looking for oder Tandy? stamps # 8376, 8377, 8378, 8379. They are military symbolstamps sold by tandy. Want especially the #8377 Navy stamp. Maybe there are other companys that make these, or if you have these to sell, please contact me. EJ
  6. As a lifelong carpenter/builder, cuts and punctures seemed to be a somewhat daily occurance. Clean rag or piece of t-shirt, electrical, duct, sealing or strapping tape works. Always carried a hand cleaner/sanitizer and some antibiotic ointment. Did have to go to the hand surgeon 3 or 4 times. One I went to the emergency room to have a nick about 3/16 x 3/16 by unknown deep from a table saw blade looked at. That was a mistake as It got infected, I believe, at the hospital. Nearly lost my left forefinger due to the infection. My hand surgeon was able to save it, although the first nuckle from the tip is now frozen stiff. Next time I think I need a doc, I'll go directly to the hand guy, not the ER. The nicks I get doing leatherwork are minor compared to the cuts from utility knives, saws, chisels, huge slivers, power screwdriver bits that slip off and into your hand or finger, sheet metal, glass, punctures from reinforcing wire, nails from nail guns, (a 3 1/2" nail shot through your hand doesn't feel too good). I can go on. After a while these things don't seem to hurt very much. Must be all that scar tissue doesn't have any nerves in it EJ
  7. Used to do quite a bit of leather work 30-40 years ago. Much of the materials I used to use seem to be harder to get. Found many of them at Springfield. I have 3 quart cans of Neatlac (Tandy) that have been around for a while. It was my favorite finish. All three cans had been opened. Using them recently, the finish does not seem to dry thoroughly and remains slightly tacky. Tried thinning it slightly with laquer thinner with no improvement. Anyone else have this happen and is there a fix or should I just throw it out and start anew. In the meantime I used Fiebings aerosol laquer finish with great, although expensive, results. Had a few old quarts of Tandy medium brown antique too, which doesn't seem to work like it used to either. Acts more like a stain than an antiquing medium. Maybe that's gone bad too. What would you recommend as a replacement? EJ
  8. Wow, Thank you so much. The drawings, pictures and material list are fantastic. I believe I have most everything I need rattling around in my shop except the blade. I know what I'm doing tomorrow - building a skiver for doing belt and strap ends. EJ
  9. Thanks for that. Gonna try to make one like it. What did you use for the cutting blade. I saved the pics for reference. EJ
  10. Thanks, I think I'll give the pearl glue a try. EJ
  11. Holy Cow! I not only stumbled onto the leatherworker.net site and love it, but found this subject on Ohio Travel. In looking through the catalog I found many many items I havn't been able to find in years. I do custom carrying cases as well as leather work, used to buy lots of stuff from Custom Case Supply Co, but they seem to be out of business now. All the hardware and fasteners I used to use and have had to substitute for - well their all here! Now, if I could just find a source for case covering glue - the stuff that is heated - came in a block like gelatin. EJ
  12. Looked like a good idea, as I have several block planes. Honed the blade, but it didn't do well. Maybe I didn't get it sharp enough. Any suggestions? EJ
  13. MM2CVS9


    I agree. Dug out all my old leatherworking tools and have cleaned and polished them. Had some tooling hides and sides stored. Checked them out and they are nice and clean, supple and have cased, tooled and dyed well. Been working on some custom camera straps/harnesses for a pro photographer. Did one for him a few months ago and he loves them. This order is for two more sets. I sure love this site. I've picked up on some of the "new" materials, and where to get some of the "old Materials. Much of my dyes and finishes have gone to pot over the years and I need to replace them. This site has steered me in the right direction for that. The leather portion of the shop - EJ
  14. MM2CVS9


    Thank you. I'll be placing an order soon. Looks like they are a great source.
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