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  1. Thank you everyone for your experience. I will be careful what I order. Thank you.
  2. I've taken up leatherworking as a hobby and recently made a dog collar for my daughter's boxer. After a month I noticed the spots lost their shine, and also the D ring (which was nickel covered) turned a pinkish--maybe copper color. I'm not sure where this hardware came from, possibly Tandy, but what is the best finish to buy to retain the spots shine. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  3. I made this notebook cover from a piece of ratty chrome tanned cowhide. It was harder to make than quality veg tan item. The leather was thick, yet stretchy, bumpy. I made a few mistakes but feel I learned from them. I dyed with EcoFlo Antique dye, punched round holes (bigger than I wanted) and used thread probably too small for the holes. I also pulled the thread too tight and the edge poofed out quite a bit. I pounded out the stitches a little bit. In the end it was very fun and I gifted it to a really rustic type of guy...He loved it!
  4. Thank you. For my first project I decided to use some ratty chrome tanned cow hide someone gave me. I made a notebook cover for a rustic sort of guy so if my results looked rustic it would fit right in.
  5. Hello, I'm somewhat new to leather working....with veg tanned cow hide that is. I've used deer and elk hide over the years to make bags, moccasins, clothing, etc. Now I want to get away from the Native American style leatherwork I have been doing and going to more traditional leatherwork. I still have a supply of deer and elk hide and wonder about making items from it, for instance, journal covers. I wonder how to finish the edges so they don't look so rough. I tried edge trimming but the hide is soft and stretchy and doesn't seem to work. Sanding and rubbing the edges seems to make them 'fur' up. Any ideas? Thanks,