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  1. I have several gun belts and it seems that when you have 5 holes they are spaced 1 inch apart and when you have 7 holes they are spaced 3/4 inch apart. I checked on "The Beltman" site and one of the options is belt hole spacing "5 hole at 1 inch or 7 hole at 3/4 inch". Hope that helps.
  2. By the rules of this forum I think the shipping info must be posted
  3. Not to highjack this thread, but are you an Esposito as in Phil and Tony?
  4. Looks like you're going to have to go in more often and spend a lot more money $$$$ : )
  5. I wonder just how many leathercrafters are here in Connecticut? I think you're the only one I've seen on this site. I'm really new to this but did some leatherworking back in the day while in the service....they always had craft shops on base. I'm going to need a hobby for when retirement strolls around in a few years : )
  6. I'm like you, I like to see and feel.
  7. I'm in Groton so I feel your pain....nothing leather here
  8. Hi Butch, would love a pattern also Thanks in advance James saints1589@fastmail.fm
  9. I'm pretty new here but how do I get to see the patterns that you have uploaded for all to see?
  10. It's not your pics, it's my work computer....blocks certain things. I was able to see the pics last nite on my home computer.
  11. I'm at work and pictures do not show up...so if there is a pic I can't see it. I'm definitely looking into this piece but won't be able to see until I get off of work and get home....about 4:45 EST. Hope it's just what I'm looking for. Thanks James
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