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  1. Hello 1st Staffords, sorry not been on the site for a while, ask away. Forester
  2. Hello All How do you size a Buscadero belt, can't get my head around it, is it picture 1 or 2, thank you in advance, have to make a Lone Ranger rig for a customer. Regards Forester
  3. Got the knifes from Etsy, just type in MOD Survival knife.
  4. UK Ministry Of Defense knife sheaths ready to ship! Always struggled with the finish on my leather work, with a bit of experimentation i now give them a coat or two of bag kote, let them dry, then i apply leather balm with atom wax let it dry and then polish, normally i give 2 applications of the wax and then i am happy with the finish. Hope this helps other people having problems with their project finishes. Forester
  5. Very nice rig Samalan, i really like the buckle and the design of the belt keeper, may have to steal that !
  6. Thanks Josh Yet again something not available in the UK, will struggle on with Tan Kote! Forester
  7. Hi Josh Beautiful work as always, i always struggle with the finish on my projects, i use Tan Kote, you said you use M&G cut 50/50 with water, is that a finish? Forester
  8. Hi Wyatt Earp, not sold yet, having some issues with the sizing of the belt. I won't sell anything until i know i can reproduce it in any size ordered, as one member said there is not a lot of wiggle room, so the size has to be correct. Forester
  9. Hi Jesse I did 22 years in the British Army, and i started when i retired as well Forester
  10. Nice work, where did you get the buckle on the holster? What colour dye did you use?
  11. You may be a newcomer to the site but not to leatherwork, really nice work.
  12. I thought Wyatt Earp was dead, but if he wasn't he would sure be proud of that rig, really nice job!
  13. Hi All Lone Ranger Gun Rig with one finished holster due to shop only sending me one strap buckle, when I ordered two, really wanted to get it up for sale, will have to wait another 7-11 days for the buckle set. I will have to do some thinking on the price for it, few months of planning and research have gone into it. Regards Forester
  14. Hi All Holsters for a Lone Ranger Rig I am making. Made from 6-7oz laminated veg tan leather, hand carved and stamped from pictures of the Lone Rangers holsters, or as close as I could get. Made to fit a Colt 1873 with 4 3/4 inch barrel. Just got to find the right buckle set for the cross straps, belt to follow. Regards Forester
  15. Hi All Remington 1858 gun rig, made for a customer in the USA, to fit a Remington with an 8 and 5.5 inch barrels. Right strong side and right cross draw. He wanted Oxblood, wasn't sure at first but the colour is growing on me. Made from laminated 6-7oz veg tan leather. Cap and cylinder pouch yet to make. Regards Forester
  16. Hi All It sold today, so somebody likes it. Regards Forester
  17. Hello All I am happy with the ageing, just wondered how other leather workers aged theirs. Regards Forester
  18. Hello All The rivets I bought from Tandy. Forester
  19. Hello Do you have a picture of the Hopalong rig, my Granddad gave a Hopalong Cassidy watch when I was a young boy, long gone now though, watch and Granddad. Forester
  20. Hello I was asked for a Lone Ranger style rig for a right hander with a Colt 1873 with a 4 3/4 inch barrel. Couldn't get all the fancy concho's here in the UK so I had to use domed rivets, which they were happy with. I used 'Slickbald Custom Leather' pattern packs for the belt and holster, both pattern packs well worth the money. Forester
  21. Hi All Made for a customer in Glasgow for her Granddads Birthday. Forester
  22. I once asked Will Ghormley how he made the impression and he told me it was an old embossing wheel. Regards Forester
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