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  1. Please help! I'm making a tooled leather journal. I'll be dying the tooled areas with Fiebings British Tan spirit dye, and the rest I'm dying with Fiebings medium brown spirit dye. I'd like the tooled letters to stand out more (since the British Tan is a nice reddish color, but the letters don't stand out as noticeable as I'd like). I've read SO much about Fiebings Hi Liter and antique finish, but nothing tells me whether I can effectively use them in conjunction with a spirit-based dye of a different color. For example, if I wanted to have the same "hi-lited" effect with a green spirit dye in a future project. Would either the Hi Liter or Antique Finish work for what I need? I REALLY appreciate your help- I'm only 3 weeks away from deadline (I'm making this journal to raise money in a fundraiser event). Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello! I'm a new-ish leatherworker. I'm making leather wristbands as a fundraiser. I've gotten the hang of the process and am happy with my results so far. However, I'm having problems with the wristband leaving a mark on my skin in high humidity, on sweaty skin. Here is my process (I wait 12 hours between each step): 1. Tool onto 6/7 oz. leather 2. Dye with Fiebings alcohol-based dye 3. Neatsfoot oil on both sides (since the alcohol dries out my leather a lot, but I prefer the deeper dying of the alcohol-based dyes) 4. Seal with Fiebings Acrylic Resolene (for a long-lasting protection) 5. Attach snaps Since I'm doing this as a fundraiser, I can't afford to spend any more on other materials. Can anyone offer advice on how to prevent color transfer onto skin, possibly just by adjusting my process? Thanks in advance- this community is a wealth of information!
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