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  1. Solution is simple. Do not groove. Do not use knot which is a force stitching technique when slanted angle is the opposite direction. During stitching keep face side to your left, stitch towards yourself and keep left hand side loop on the top of the needle. It will give you a neat and great looking stitch line
  2. Celine inspired bag Unusual is that handle stitched with edge paint facing the front side. 6spi is definitely stands for a traditional saddlery. Well done and keep going. P.S.: FIleteuse will make a huge difference
  3. Thanks RockyAussie, This kind of pochette looks nice, well done! There is a short tip of how to use edge paint from Giardini and this trick doesn't work with Fenice and Vernice either. Mix semi-dense edge paint with 5-7% of water, technically just few drops. Apply a thick layer of paint on the raw sanded edge and let it dry naturally. It will help to penetrate deep enough and will not peel in the future. Sand it till perfect flat. For a long time I was using my hands and various of grit sand papers from 100 to 2000. But recently I started to use dremel tool with a sand paper roll. To be honest it works like magic. 10-15 seconds of high speed sanding gives me a super flat edge. Also it helps for better connection with next layer of paint. Apply a thick layer of dense edge paint (not water mixed) and wait to let it dry. Then apply coating which can be high-gloss of max matt. It dries quite long, but it's really worth waiting. Final layer of coat helps to protect the edge paint from scuffs and marks in the future. As a bottom line you need just 2 layers of edge paint and 1 layer of coating to get a perfect edges without a line in the middle. Also by using dremel tool yo can invest your time into something else rather than sitting and sanding for hours till flat. Good luck!
  4. In a fashion industry which I am targeting every detail is important and that statement I received from an expert and geek in fashion Usually stand alone crafts and mainstream commercial fashion doesn't meet each other requirements. Of course sometimes their ways crosses and we see new collections. The edge paint is Giardini in a black colour with max matt coating on top. This kind of bull frog you can buy from Thailand supplier who got a website (check your PM). This skin is not under CITES regulations so you can order as many as you want
  5. Check out new bespoke orders. This time I was using 9spi and 532 thread from Amy Rokes. It looks more narrow and accurate the same on 2 and 4 layers of leather. It was a challenge to rethink Birkin bag in a clutch style. Needed to decrease real size flap to 1.5x smaller to keep original shape. Also contrast snake skin handle and arm strap fitted well. Flap slides in nicely and opens with no effort, but sits well without accident opening. After reviewing a completed clutch was made a decision to add 2 contrast stitches on both sides of the flap. And this completely changed to look to a more young and modern. This is a great example of how little details are important. Customer was happy after this little tweak. As a bonus was created a yellow snake skin bracelet utilising a traditional watch butterfly lock. And the most recent order was to create a mini version of "Karina Bag" which was designed few months ago. Bag was redesigned to stand out from the crowd, and extra detail/cut on the flap following the original angle. New name is "Karina Mini Bag". Smaller and more classic turn lock, light weight strap. Exterior made from vintage Hermes calfskin and lining executed in beige shrunken calfskin. Contrast stitching to highlight the fact of handmade bag. Size 20x16x5cm, very petite and cute. Customer was satisfied with the outcome.
  6. All of those were made using fil au chinois 532 and 8spi pricking iron. This size looks a bit too wide and a new set of 9spi pricking irons is on its way.
  7. Hi folks, Just few of many updates for a last month. One of my favourite keyring so far is this cute 3D turtle. I was made of aniline goat skin in brown colour, hand drawn turtle shell and eyes, also a high gloss finish on the edge, to make it more female attractive. Also few bifold card holders were done. They are still quite popular due to gold calf skin lining, which looks just stunning. I am a fan of contrast stitching, but still have to complete orders with a monotone thread colour to match the colour of the skin. Shown bifold wallets are made of lizard, bull frog, and water snake skins. I was surprised with a bull frog skin. It is very thin, same as snake skin, but extremely durable. I will keep posting updates and pictures from my studio, just need a bit more time
  8. Hi there, 1. In a nutshell nubuck is a leather with fine trimmed hairs. As I know crocodile doesn't have any hairs in its skin. 2. Nubuck finish can be achieved at home as well, all you need to have is a fine trimmer, hair-on leather and a steady hand. But anyway, any nubuck product is a one-way-ticket for a customer, as this leather finish will look horrible in a couple of months. The best practice is to stay away from nubuck and suede for not getting your customers upset. All the best, Alex
  9. I was working for couple of months is a company which fixes handbags. During that period I was inspecting and fixing hundreds of bags and from my experience I can say that the best ever lining is leather. Not suede, not canvas, cotton and nylon either. Thin calfskin, pigskin, lambskin, goat and sheep works well as a lining. They are easy to clean with generic leather cleaning products, the are easy to fix with leather patches also easy to apply colour work. When you make a handbag think about ladies makeup, coffee spills, dirt and grime. The same situation with wallets. This is not a direct answer to your question, but I hope it will help you with your creations and orders
  10. Hi folks, Today I got crazy and decided to make an iPhone case with sew on tag (label). This meant to be a gift for my sister and she is a huge fan of Star Wars theme. Most icon character is Darth and I decided to make it with my new Amy Roke pricking irons in size 8 spi and Barbour thread 18/3 in natural colour. To be honest I should to choose 18/4 as it's looks much better with those irons. To find a picture, print it out, transfer it on the leather, punch through, saddle stitch, crease all the lines around and finish edges in aluminium colour took me almost 3 hours which is not bad at all. There is a pad on the inside cut from soft nappa skin. This will give more 3d look on the final item. So tomorrow need to prepare a case-pouch for the phone and to stitch this on top. P.S.: It's raining. Again. Aleks from London
  11. I am still testing my keyring in my pockets, screwing with my hands, putting together with keys in a bucket and shake well. And the edge paint is still there. Just one thing is on my mind, that the edge paint should be burnt well with fileteuse or soldering iron otherwise it will peel easily. Perfect sanded edge before applying any edge paint is very important. Also following official guidelines is very helpful, to give 24 hours for a complete dry and perfect adhesion.
  12. I found that Fenice is not that liquid as Fiebing's edge kote and same time not that thick as Giardini. To apply edge paint I use simple tooth picks and Giardini is the best with edge roller pen which I find too messy. When I add 5% of water to Giardini it's getting even more messy. Plus Fenice got the best drying time! Less than 10 minutes! This is my experience only. Fenice edge paint is available from Tandy in variety of colours.
  13. Hi everyone, My name is Aleks and I am from London. Also Russian speaking Two months ago I decided to start practising in making leather goods. I do not make any big projects until I will be confident in all processes like pattern cutting, stitching and finishing edges. This is my last creature, a trolley coin keyring. Materials: black smooth calfskin, natural colour 18/3 Barbour thread and Fenice grey edge paint. Tools: Pro-Line diamond chisel 6spi (new Amy Rokes irons 8spi already ordered), soldering iron withbrass tip from aliexpress (need to order proper Regad Fileteuse with F2 tip), sand paper 400 grit. A nice slanted stitch using single knot and crease line was made using regular soldering iron. This project was made to test new way of stitching and new edge paint. Fenice is much betterthen Giardini. Almost ready to switch my direction to Leo Degarmo brand. Thank you
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