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  1. kanadakeith

    Tools wanted

    I have a collection of old leather knives and would like to add more to it. If anyone has any of this type of knife they are willing to part with please let me know. The only one that I do not require is the one at the bottom L'indespensable from France, which I have(2). Some of these knives were originally used as marking or striking knives, but easily converted by sharpening to either left or right hand use. In the first photo I am looking for the top two and the third from the bottom, the second photo I am looking for either of these the top one I believe to be a Norris from the UK. Any unusual mill knife with adjustable blade ( brass & rosewood ) Thanks Keith keithandco@shaw.ca
  2. I am interested in this stitch groover, with 1mm bit from china and would much appreciate your help in contacting this seller. I could not find anything on aliexpress at that price. Thanks Keith keithandco@shaw.ca
  3. Alan

    I just received a note from Walter and he mention that you may be able to shed a bit more light on history of the Plough I recently acquired. I received it without it's original blade and would appreciate any information in tracking one down to purchase.  Or at the very least a suitable substitute.

    I am blown away after looking at the photos of your collection you are the envy of all plough collectors. I have four * Lutz *Portrait * Blanchard and this one in the Photos.

    We have two things in common, ploughs and Victoria, I live in Victoria,B.C. Canada



    1. Alan RUNDELL

      Alan RUNDELL

      I have just noticed that you have requested some information on your plough gauge, 7 months late in replying!!!! my apologies.

      I have not been surfing the Leather Net site for quite some time.

      I cannot shine any light on your tool as far as maker, origin or country. It does look very nice.  I know how you feel about the origin of the tool & the lack of the knife to go with it. I just bought a beautiful plough gauge, make unknown with a bird embossed on the bronze slide but no knife.

      Keep collecting.


      Best Regards


  4. Trox

        I have an opportunity to purchase this plough gauge, and if you would be so kind as to relay any history that you aware of it would be appreciated. The plough is pictured with a Blanchard blade, however the makers mark Is a raised HUBER+ on the blade support.

       I also have a Portrait plough, and again thank you for your previous input on the Ges Lutz I received from you.

      I in addition wonder how difficult it will be to get the proper HUBER+ blade?IMG_1399.JPGIMG_1398.JPG

    Cheers Keith


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    2. kanadakeith



        Thanks so much for forwarding the information and spending the time to respond to my enquiries.

      Cheers Keith

    3. Trox


      Your welcome keith, the information or lack of such was entirely my own :) Walter is a Swiss saddler and leather tool collector, if the tool is German , Swiss or from France he would know. There are also a new Australian member here now who have bought every plough he have seen for sale for Good knows how long. He has a big bank safe full of them, more than 30 in the picture. His name is Alan Rundell, you should check with him too, it's a good change he have one like it too . 

      Good luck


    4. kanadakeith



         I got a short note from Walter he say's the plough was made in Germany by Meltzer & Feller and sold buy a Swiss company company called Huber & co. who have gone out of business.

      He also suggested that I contact Alan Rundell in Ausse to see if he would be able to add any information and perhaps track down a blade for it.

      Regards Keith


  5. kanadakeith

    Lutz plough gauge

    I have acquired a Ges Lutz plough gauge and I hope someone can give me the history of the company ie. years of production and any takeovers by other manufactures. Cheers Keith
  6. kanadakeith

    Looking To Buy Barry King Tools

    Hi I have Don King basket weave stamp that I wish to sell, have photos it has never been used. I purchased it from Don King several years ago at a Sheridan leather show. It is pricy, but I will part with it. Keith