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  1. Lol I was thinking the same thing when we were done. Not a lot of projects will seem difficult from now on
  2. First of all thank you! The legs get stitched to it as well and it makes it quite sturdy particularly if you will be using at least 5-6 oz veg tan like we did. I think something like 500 grams of concentrated weight right in the middle would make it sag a bit but I suppose that won't be the case.
  3. I think this is our most ambitious project so far and we've been working on it on and off since January. We're huge fans of DnD lore and a Mimic toolbox is something we had always wanted to make. This is how it was made
  4. Thank you! I wanted to exclude the need for using wire on the brim and that's what complicates it. My wife's hands still hate me
  5. I just thought they looked cool and never went for a historically accurate implementation but thanks for the info! Also in my opinion a popularized misconception can wedge itself more deeply into our culture than a barely known fact can. I am just parading my ignorance here so don't mind me :D
  6. They were awful people but I like their hats so we made one. You can watch it being made here
  7. I apologize if I seem to be taking over this thread but I'm really feeling inspired. I grew up with music cassettes and they occupy a special place in my heart. My first encounter actually was with reel to reel players when I was only an infant. My father used to have a Grundig player and a couple of crates full of reels with all the good 70's music. I then got an Akai 'pick up' vinyl player but none of these gave me a high as big as being able to load video games like Dizzy on a ZX Spectrum computer from a cassette player did. So here's my new card holder which you can watch the making of here and get the pattern here.
  8. After receiving very positive reactions to our latest simple bag design I've decided to add another one to our portfolio. It's a 3 part pattern that should take about 5 hours to make ( the lunch break part is a bit overblown :D ). Here are the Pattern and tutorial links as per usual.
  9. Thanks! Definitely a bit creepy, unintentionally of course ;D
  10. So we got a used mannequin from someone and it came with no head. I'm thinking .. we'll have to buy one cuz it kinda looks creepy. Then it occurs to me I could actually make a leather one so .... here it is. I actually made a standing one instead as it's easier to take pictures of. So what do you think? Btw here is the video and here's the pattern.
  11. So I really like experimenting with different types of closures and this simple project was perfect for a bit of deviation. We used 5-6 oz veg tan, a rivet, a head ball stud and a 20 mm buckle. You can watch it being made here and get the pattern while it's almost free here.
  12. Just finished this and wanted to share. I used to play Rugby in high school and when someone suggested we'd make this, I immediately took up the challenge. Btw it's like almost free if you buy something else from our shop and here's how it was made.
  13. A fun little project we warmed up with after the long pause. Here's how we made it. You can also get the pattern for 18 cents if you were planning to get another pattern from our store
  14. Fans of chocolate and Oompa loompas, the wait is over :D! A fun little project we made before the new year which we'd like to share with you guys. It's veg tan, some pre dyed, some raw and very suitable for children or girls that don't like carrying much stuff around. Now gloves off and hit me with a thought or two! Ah, here's how it was made.
  15. If the patterns are distributed under a commercial license then you are most likely allowed to sell what you make. Under any license, even under the general public license one can't sell the pattern because it would assume you have ownership of said intellectual property. It's very much the case with software, 2D and 3D assets too where you can get a user license or an extended commercial one which will most often add to the price and where the owner will also ask to be credited for his work.
  16. Well it's a very useful skill to have. Makes you stuff you need and can get you some extra cash. Everyone should give it a try at some point
  17. Happy birthday sir! I'd love to keep doing this as well 26 years from now. How long have you been doing leather work if I may ?
  18. Right? As much as I love the Holidays it feels like a bit of a distraction when all I want to do is cut and punch :D
  19. Thank you so much! It's a very simple technique as well. I think we showed it in this video
  20. Thank you! We need to make some toys too for our friends kids.
  21. Not much going around on this thread and I seem to have forgor posting this so I'm doing it now. Here are also the Pattern and tutorial. Also how about a chat? Everyone doing well? What are you working on?
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