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  1. 100 buttons, 100 sockets in one set. Note that this is only the button/socket side, not the stud/eyelet side
  2. Never used line 16 snap setter $5 plus shipping
  3. I have 16 sets of (100) qty line 20 buttons and sockets. $12 each or $160 for all (plus shipping).
  4. Yes, I'm familiar with the ones from Japan on Ebay, and the Chinese items from Etsy and the like. Looking for a better wholesale price than $3 and better quality than the ones I'm seeing on Etsy from China. It seems as though there are several of the same item available in every material other than brass! Curious. Perhaps it's time to find a manufacturer… Thanks!
  5. Hi folks, I've been scouring the internets for solid brass FLAT key rings in 1.5" outer diameter (or similarly sized). One of our accounts is requesting larger than the standard 7/8" or 1" and I can't find a resource. Any recommendations are appreciated! Buckle guy, Weaver, Tandy, etc do not carry. I can have them manufactured, but it will take about 6 weeks and my timeline does not allow. Many thanks!
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