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  1. Renaissanceman

    Black River Laser Phone Number?

    Spoke with them a few weeks ago, said they were slammed with Ebay orders.
  2. Renaissanceman

    Zack White - Where's My Order?

    I would also agree about phoning in orders, instead of web purchasing. I haveheard doing business with any company you are better off calling. Web order shipping prices are almost always more expensive. ASK THEM what shipping will be. You will see quite a difference. Hope it helps
  3. Renaissanceman

    Question On Adhesives

    Hi Tboyce, I have used both and have found that the water based don't stand up as well. I use Barge on most pieces. Hope this helps? The Renman
  4. Have to agree with Eaglestroker, Pig split is soft and durable.
  5. Chief, Same here, I was asking him that I use a lot of barge (with dyes you mentioned also) on projects, mostly linings and he suggested using some Aussie, because my hands have been cracking. I guess we are "a hide" just like the Veg tan we work
  6. A little off topic, was in my local Tandy shop recently and the Manager mentioned that he even uses Aussie as a hand lotion. and puts on before he dyes/works with glue. Never used it myself these ways. Curious if any others have? RenMan
  7. I have tried a lot of adhesives on various projects. Have to agree with Matt T, Barge the best.
  8. Renaissanceman

    Robust Patterning Material

    I would have to suggest They make sturdy acrylic templates at a reasonable price.
  9. Renaissanceman

    A Pair Of Vambraces

    Kevinp, Thanks for clearing up the mystery. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
  10. Renaissanceman

    A Pair Of Vambraces

    Quick question to the group. I have been making bracers/gauntlets for a few years now and curious what is the difference with them and Vambraces? Is it the length, style or cut? Any comments welcome Renman
  11. Renaissanceman

    Need New Supplier

    Hi there, I agree, American Leather Direct (leather is quality). Also try (lots and lots of all kinds of hardware). Good luck RenMan
  12. Renaissanceman

    Belt Template

    I second BRL. Quality templates and Joyce is great to work with.
  13. Renaissanceman

    Medieval Joker Custom Leather Armor Completed

    Prince, Your work is truly inspiring/mad respect...Curious are any of your pieces featured in movies, TV, etc.? If so would like to know (if you don't mind). Thanks for sharing RenMan