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  1. You are correct, but W&C doesn't sell in a single sq. ft. This is for people who need a smaller section but don't necessarily need a whole side. To show you a comparison: http://springfieldleather.com/Piece-Hermann-Oak-3-4oz12x12 That is the same price, and it's not english bridle, not dyed, and not refinished on the back. As mentioned in the main post, I'm more than willing to make larger pieces and cut down on the price. Please keep in mind this price is shipped to, shipping isn't free for me
  2. Decided to break up what I have left over from my W&C English Bridle Chestnut hides into 12"x12" squares if anyone wants one! These are cut into exactly 12"x12" square - 1sq. ft. If you want bigger pieces just let me know and we can work something out. The leather is W&C's English Bridle that has been split to 4-5oz. and has a smooth refinished back. We used this weight to make our wallets and watch straps. These are $20/each shipped in the United States.
  3. Here is a cut sample from another hide we are already using:
  4. Hey guys, I'm selling our almost brand new Cobra Class 4 sewing machine as we discovered it's more than what we need for our "thin" leather projects. We purchased this machine brand new from Steve at Leather Machine Co. in March of 2016. We have stitched on it for no more than 4-5 hours, it's basically brand new! We have polished the left toe presser foot and center foot to help with presser foot marks this machine is known to leave. Everything that is normally included with their standard package is included in this sale: http://www.leathermachineco.com/product/cobra-class-4-s-standard-package/ We did purchase the following extras that will be included: • Roller Edge Guide - $95 Value • Double Toe Presser Foot - $80 Value • 277 Brown Poly Thread (full spool) and Size 25 needles from Weaver Leather - $30 If you aren't interested in the extras, just let me know and I can take some off the price as we can sell them separately. Price is $2200 and firm, add up everything that comes with it and you're basically at $3K after shipping if you bought new. I have no problem keeping it as our business grows if I can't get what I want for it I'm located in Northwest Austin (Texas) and am willing to deliver within nearby cities (Waco, San Antonio, etc.) If you can pick it up locally and save me the hassle of loading/unloading it I'd be willing to take $100 off the price. Before you ask, I do not have the means to ship this so I'm not able to accommodate this. I will try and get some photos and videos up soon!
  5. Here is a close up sample of one of the wallets we make with the same color:
  6. Hey all, we are adding more linings to our products and typically use pigskin for the lining. I wanted to see if anyone has found a good consistent quality supplier for full grain pigskin? All I've found is typically Tandy stuff so far. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Hey guys, we have a few sides of W&C english bridle leather in their chestnut color that we are no longer using. We purchased the hides in January (of this year) and they have been wrapped in the paper since. Here are the details: • 4.5oz w/ refinished backside • Chestnut color • Standard grade (best grade they have) • Full sides (average about 23 sq. ft) I'm asking $200 per hide, that will probably include shipping too unless it's really high! I'll get some photos up soon the leather we have out of the box.
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