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    leather worker started working with leather when i was 17 use to take my income tax money and buy tools and leather every year. make belts and such every winter and follow the rock fests for a couple moths every year. lol started doing orthotic and prosthetic work in 83 [school] retired this year

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  1. https://www.buckleguy.com/3002a-1-1-4-pvd-black-matte-swivel-trigger-snap-solid-brass-ll/
  2. i just got one of these in a box i just got there is another swivel knife with a white barrel maybe ceramic but not the blade and 40 stamps marked craftool and some with just the number. those are short shafted
  3. he's not hearing you lol
  4. https://www.celasticworld.com/Celastic_LT_s/3.htm this might be your stiffener
  5. thunter9

    Belt hook?

    B8149 Antique Brass, Belt/Strap Hook, Brass-LL buckle guy
  6. isn't that a bit high https://www.glacierwear.com/
  7. what I found is first quality buffalo bison robe /hide rug. full size 750-850 each 8 feet x 9 feet
  8. you looking for hair on or off
  9. https://www.buckleguy.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Buckles%20%26%20Hardware%20b&utm_term=buckle%20guy&utm_content=Brand
  10. call around go to a prosthetic shop. browns in utah
  11. talk with these guy's. https://www.matplusinc.com/ I would think there white plastizote. maybe the black. but the black don't much at all. much give at all
  12. thunter9


    saddle leather is rough ,if that's what you want try Montana leather out of billings
  13. thunter9


    you want orthopedic grade. waterhouse sells some, but its nap is 3/4 . i'd go with roden with their hosp. grade http://www.rodenleathercompany.com/products/products.html oh we've talked before
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