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  1. I realize this is a very old thread but I am wondering how this turned out.
  2. JLS, how do you, personally, measure for that thick belt?
  3. Thank you. I was not aware of the hazzards of putting the leather in to long. How long should it be left in?
  4. In woodwork vinegaroon is called ebonizing solution and I am familiar with it. The only drawback is the reaction is only surface deep. If you sand it you lose it. Of course you just reapply and you are good to go. At least that has been my experience. Wood is obviously not leather. I have been doing dome research and cannot find any drawbacks to vinegaroon, but I thought I would check. I know you put the item in the vinegaroon when you are finished so the holes get the reaction as well. I know the thread is not affected. I know that baking soda and a good rinse will neutralize it. What am I missing and what are the possible pitfalls of this type of leather covering. Is the reaction deep enough to allow for bending without fading?
  5. I know there is a difference and that Chomexcel is retanned then oil "impregnated". I specifically asked about leathers that were not chromexcel but had the same properties. I felt sure after several questions that he understood what I was talking about. I will edit the orginal statement to say retanned instead of oil tanned. Thanks grmnsplx for correcting my terminology.
  6. Being new I have been calling and talking to a lot of suppliers, Some helpful and some not so. One person at very helpful, and highly regarded business made the following statement in a conversation I had with them about their leathers. I asked "what is the difference between your Horween Chromexcel, and the other retanned leather you have?" The person on the phone did not know so she went to ask someone. She came back and put a gentleman on the phone. I asked him the same thing. His response was "Nothing but name, origin, and price" I asked about quality difference and was told there was none. I asked about differences in processes. He said Horween is pretty secretive but in his ____ number of years working with comparing and selling leather he sees no difference between the horween and other retanned leather. I am new, I don't know how true this is. How valid is the statement? What might be the draw backs to ordering a non-horween branded leather? There are some colors I am really drawn to since my first choice of horween seems to not be available anywhere. I realize this is not tooling leather and you can't mold it. Edited oil tanned to retanned because that is what we talked about.
  7. Thanks Stangman645. I will contact them.
  8. Living in the middle of no where my access to different leathers is nonexistent. The closest tandy to me is 5+ hours away and is not very helpful. While this site is full of good information there are a lot of leather names tossed around like folks know exactly what is being talked about. Among the more experienced this is not an issue. Among the unknowing it causes confusion. A physical description is nothing compared to hands on experience. So I am offering something that has helped me out immensely. A place called Tannery Row is the retail arm of Horween. While they are not the quickest to respond they are helpful and nice. They offer a sample of each of their leathers. These are small squares that helped put a lot of what I was reading about Horween leather into perspective. Once I get some practice I will definitely be putting these samples to work. I have not found this option for Hermann Oak but it is my guess it is available from somewhere.
  9. I have been noticing that there is a lot of differences in the length of the point on awls. Is there a reason some are short and others are long?
  10. ooooooooOOOOOOoooooo sharp. I would have liked to get a wider shot to maybe see how much pressure he was putting on the blade. I don't think it was much though.
  11. I have no right to critique anything. Can you show some images of the inside please?
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