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  1. The business was sold to Mr. Toby Yoder a couple years ago. His number is (406) 745-2442
  2. Here is anothe maker graycloud-designs.com I am very pleased with the knife I purchased from Rob. Joe
  3. Thanks for sharing these with the group. I for one do appreciate your taking time to do this. Joe
  4. Looks like some very nice stuff to me. Nice work!!
  5. I was fortunate to have participated in this class. Rod and Denise both did an outstanding job of communicating the many factors associated to tree construction and how each factor impacts both the horse and the rider. To hear this explained from the tree maker's perspective was both enlightening and refreshing. The other participants added greatly to the presentation with there questions, insight and experience. One of the best learning experiences I have had in a while. My thanks to both Rod and Denise for the time spent to develop and present this class and for giving up a full day they could spent manning their booth. Joe
  6. I too have both. I have become partial to the Henley as I prefer the weight of the knife and feel I have a little more control, The blades in both stay sharp with minimal stropping. I do not think you can go wrong with eiher tool. Jed
  7. Thanks for taking your time to write this up and share it. It is appreciated Regards
  8. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
  9. For a straight cut I use a carpet knife from "Roberts" The blades are sharp and you can use a straight edge assit in keeping the cut straight otherwise my choice is a round knife
  10. www.use-enco.com Here is another source for a suface plate I ordered a 24 x 36 with stand and received the next day.
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