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  1. Doggone dude, I know the emphasis is on the leather, but when you have a unique knife, it would be considerate to show at least ONE view of the naked blade...
  2. Friend, As embarrassing as it is to admit—My waist is well over 60-inches. They don't make them that large for the most part. Also, the older Belly-Band Holsters could be used to carry a PAIR of Pistols. Most of the modern ones only accommodate one pistol—the offside magazine pouch being too small to hold a pistol. Thanks though. ……RVM45
  3. Friends, While it isn't LEATHERWORK, nonetheless it IS a holster. Has anyone seen any tutorials about how to make your own Elastic Belly-Band Holster? Doesn't seem THAT complicated, but a Guide would be nice. Thanks. …...RVM45
  4. Friend, Very neat idea. How did you tie the thread off at the end with no lose string showing? Saxon Violence
  5. Friends, Never mind a practical rationale. A friend once coined the meme: "No Gun Left Behind." He claimed that if he ever had to evacuate his home on foot that he even had some mini-travois so even the dogs could help evacuate a few of his many handguns. I once saw Bob Munden wearing four Single Actions—but it was for only a few moments to shoot a video to show how quickly he could fire 20-shots. Quantrill's Raiders and the fictional movie Josie Wales were both mounted on horses. Assume that your handguns are important enough to to you to burden yourself with another 20 to 30-pounds and that most of them don't have to be really quick access. Also, guns that cannot be locked up are only secure when on your person. {Evacuated on foot due to flood, tidal wave, forest fire or whatever—for instance…} Has anyone given this any serious thought and came up with any "Out-of-The-Box" solutions? Probably not…but hope springs eternal. …..RVM45
  6. Friends, Excuse my ignorance. What is that for??? …..RVM45
  7. Friends, Does anyone have any photos of a belt and holster combination to carry a Single Action Revolver—or two—in high-riding holsters that cover the trigger guard? I was an IPSC shooter back in the early 80s and I just can't get too enthused abut the Buscadero type holsters. …..RVM45
  8. RVM45

    Weight Belt

    Friend, This is as close as I can find. As I've said, my old belt was vinyl while this one seems to be Nylon. Also, mine had paired horizontal weight pockets rather than these vertical ones. I'd probably be satisfied with this one, If I could buy one large enough to fit. ……RVM45
  9. Friends, Not quite sure where to put this. Back in the 70's I had a vinyl weight belt filled with 10-pounds of lead shot. It had velcro fasteners. I wore it under my shirt at all times. It gave me a little extra exercise, but also, it made me feel like I'd gained weight in my mid-section when I sat down to the table prompting me to eat less. Somehow I let myself outgrow it and I have no idea exactly when and how it flowed down the river of time. It occurred to me to make one of leather. I'm larger now. Leather is Clever but Plastic is Spastic. Kind of wanted two or three buckles instead of the velcro and I might prefer 15 or 20-pounds rather than 10. It would also need to be a good bit larger that the old belt since I'm much thicker. Has anyone ever done this? Any suggestions as to leather weight, hardware, etc? Thank you. …..RVM45
  10. Friend, That isn't what Jeff Cooper taught—ergo it's wrong. A 1911A1—without that Browning blaspheming 80 series firing pin block—Carried Cocked-and-Locked—Is how a Warrior Carries. RVM45
  11. Friend, I tried Google, but no luck. What exactly is a "traumatic revolver Storm-02"? …..RVM45
  12. Friend, I just wanted to give you a "Thumbs Up" for showing the naked blade. I know it's a Leather Forum, but Dang! It is frustrating to wonder just what sort of Knife is hidden in the Sheath. And yes, I saw this earlier and should have praised you then AND it's a fine-looking sheath. …..RVM45
  13. Friends, What is the name of a Western Holster that DOES NOT use the Mexican Loop System, but has a small buckled belt around the Holster instead? Mexican Loop Holsters are alright, but to my OCD Mind, the slash or slashes to form a loop seem a great place for wear and cracking to begin... Thank you. …..RVM45
  14. Friend, Color me ignorant—But which Legion do you refer? The French or Spanish Foreign Legions are the only ones that come to my mind. …..RVM45
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