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  1. Kinda need to know what you want to do to tell you what need to do it with tooling around the edges of a pattern? camoflagers c prefix stamps Sheridan style you'll need lots of bevelers If you have time and steady hands you can make backgrounders and seeders from square head masonry nails and nail sets not BK quality but can be dones Get the Tandy catalog as a reference even tho now they only show a fraction of what they used to make Look at their patterns too to see what's used where maybe see if your library can infer loan you a stholman book of two for ideas watch c list and eBay sometimes good stuff like rbs shows up mixed in with Tandy older Tandy isn't all bad but it's impossible to tell how good it is without trying it on leather my understanding is low bidder got the contracts and in later years price ruled and quality suffered Even Tandy has two quality tiers now
  2. Currently it's the 9th topic in this forum the last pinned topic before the newest active topic
  3. a Google search with your topic keywords + leatherworker.net as the search term will get better results Google's search engine is better and adding +leatherworker.net restricts the results to this forum group
  4. More space would be nice! Course then I'd probably buy more toys to fill it up
  5. Read the sticky post about "the type of sewing machines you need to sew leather" in this foroum But that said For work up to about 5/16 " thick a used upholstery class walking foot machines preferably with a servo motor seems to be the most suggested option Consew 226, 255, 206 and Juki 562, 563 are the ones im most familiar with there are many others Well maintained older manual oiling or gravity wick oiler type machines of that class are what i'd look for craigslist or the sales forum here are better sources than ebay, most eBay sellers either over price, overhype, or don't actually know anything about leather stiching unless the seller is local and you're doing an inspection before finalizing the deal avoid ebay You really want to sew off your materials and with your thread on proposed machine before buying Admittedly i bought a cb4500 off eBay without seeing it in person first and then drove 600 miles each way to pick it up But the bids stalled out quite low for that machine due to the sellers adamant no shipping policy also He had vids of machine in operation posted and A copy of receipt posted showing machine options and age and what he paid for it You should be able to find something for less than $500 plus some driving but you'll be limited to 138 thread A cb3200 recently sold in Greenville sc, for a bit over $1100iirc and that's a purpose tuned setup that'll do 2x the thickness of an upholstery class unit Hth Jim
  6. I'm aquiring my equipment for a retirement hobby business that I want to pursue I'm fortunate to live about 2hrs from the Wicket & Craig tannery and they do retail sales And I like tooling shaping and stitching leather but saddle stitching is slow so........ as a business I'd like to mostly do belts, chaps, sheathes, and holsters but might try wallets, Totes, watch bands and whatever also. at this time I have : an older consew, a 226 (Seiko build) that I plan on doing the lighter work on using 69 and 92 thread for Watchbands, wallets and other work below 8oz and medium fabric work Another older consew a 206rb-4 (Seiko build) I'm planing to use for 138 and 207over138 thread work I Plan to use it for Belts and simple sheaths below 20 oz total How much tweaking would a 206 take to reliably run 207 in the bobbin? A cb3200 which was my first leather stitcher And second sewing machine of any type before the Acquisition virus took hold i plan to continue to use this for pancake holsters, heavier belts, and welted sheaths up to 32oz total using 207 and 277 thread a CB4500 for everything heavier than 32 oz or needing 346 or 415 thread and finally I also have a China cobbler and a herd of Black iron singer domestics for the really light stuff I believe my intended usages are appropriate to the machines in hand Any suggestions or something I'm maybe not considering? I'll still be working for a few more years so as OT is available i will add the equipment thats still needed Like a powered splitter and strap cutter and possibly a better patcher? Tia Jim
  7. What year did consew shift production to china from japan? So a 226 with a WB7005095 serial if a Seiko build could be a 1970 model ? No other markings on casting and biege paint And a 206 with a SH1206548 serial might be a 2012? still a seiko? anything to especially lookout for on these machines? I did email consew for an age estimate, country of build, and exact model verification but got no response.
  8. Good luck getting it back together and running I watched that auction but like others on here already have one and can't justify a second one Think you'll like once it's running
  9. And my wife thought I'm bad for having 8 singer domestics from 1906 to 1963, a cb3200, a cb4500, the Kenmore I bought as a 20yr old, And a Chinese cobbler He must of been buying every thrift store / auction / estate sale pound puppy within 50 miles for the last 20 years! I could maybe find two or three black singers in clean enough condition to be interesting in the entire lot, the rest? Bleh! Course I'm still trying to figure out the gazillion singer industrial variants looking for the one's good for leather and potentially reasonably affordable
  10. Individual or business? Business you now know not to bother with that seller you won't get any aftersale support individual ? Wait a few days if you really want the 341 and call them back maybe the rain will have washed out some of their attitude Personally I'd lean towards the suggestions to get a cb3200 instead why? Same bobbins / needle system / presser feet as the cb4500/class 4. 441 clones (all bigger than a 341 uses) And if you go for a cb4500 down the road for cowboy holsters which are thicker than a 341clone can do and mostly too heavy for the 3200 you'll already have experience with the machine plus have some common use items for both I believe using wiz's dumbing down technique on a 3200 you'll be able to sew down to wallet weight Just need a narrow throat plate and a flatbed conversion table plus a half hour to do the changeover adjustments You already know the cowboy vendors on this forum support their machines even on secondary buyers You've got a cb3200 on cl local to you minimal time and fuel to check it out Yeah seller is asking close to msrp which is more than the 341 clone you mentioned But that's asking not selling price and long term i believe thats the better machine no shipping it's local same as 341 no tax same as 341 it's set up for leather from a trusted vendor, whose 341 clone is it? Somebody with a good rep for support? Is the 341 set up for leather?I How commonly used is that brand and model used by forum members?I If not that right there should hint there's better options out there can you take some scrap with you and try it out like the cb3200? Make an offer on the 3200 worst they can say is no thanks I used a herd of singer black iron domestics plus a loaner juki562 (walkingfoot upholstery flatbed) when I first tried machine sewing leather which showed me real quick it's easier to work your machine down than push a machine past it's design limits I now have both a cb3200 and a cb4500 they both have the niches now my uncle has his juki back with a smaller drive pulley and The herd of singers only gets to eat fabric again It's your coin and your call but I'd pass on the 341 and saddle up a Cowboy machine they work and have the support Btw a true into the same holes reverse back stitch is a wonderful thing to have
  11. Pretty much what I did 3 years ago Bought a cb4500 standard trim model and a few extras off eBay for $1650 from a seller that wouldn't ship and claimed in listing i'd need a truck to pick it up (which btw is what kept the bids down) Won the auction, threw a socket set and a couple moving blankets in my honda And made a run to columbia SC from western PA. 9-10hrs each way Pulled the head off the table The table off the post post off the base It'll fit in the back seat of anything bigger than a smart for two you don't need a truck the deals are out there if you're patient, diligent in watching for them are willing to trade some time And effort for price And most importantly are ready to buy cash in hand now Btw I've got friends in spartanburg i need to visit
  12. Jbinpa59

    Cylinder Arm

    Your odds of finding a machine at a good price go up if your'e willing to drive to pick it up But you have to know what model machine you want and current new/used pricing AND be prepared to jump on a decent deal faster than a duck on a June bug Got a cb3200 for $1200 and a 375 mi round trip off this site Just got a cb4500 for $1775 and a 1300 mi round trip (one long day driving) off eBay but by doing the local grocery's ebay gift card/fuel points deal got more free fuel than it took to go pick it up Seems like sellers just don't want to deal with pack n ship
  13. If you mean shooter55's machine I bought that one
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