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  1. Very nice work, Uncle should be proud !!
  2. Eddie Q

    King n Queen seat harley update

    Great looking seat !!
  3. One of my all time favorite holster. A couple years ago, I made a similar copy for my 1911, now Will has a pattern pack that includes a 1911 pattern. I really love how yours turned out, are you making the gun belt as well ?
  4. Then one can make a post on lined holster snap repair DUH, lol !!!
  5. Or, just line holster ? looks better i think .
  6. Very nice mister !!! I've been contemplating on making a set of my own, been watching a lot of videos on construction and repair
  7. Very awesome design and very well made !!
  8. Eddie Q

    1st knife sheath

    Man, that sheath sure came out awesome and the knife looks just at home.
  9. Ha, very AWESOME !!!! I have two nephews that are huge fans of guns n holsters. One of my brothers is SO anti gun, but my nephew(he's 4) was just in awe when he saw me with my gun holstered on my side. My other nephew(5), I made a lil rifle sling his daddy is a huge hunter and a forest fire fighter so no biggie with him. I'm making a couple holsters for Christmas for them. Thanks for this post, it's just too cool !!!
  10. Wow, i really like it, very nice design !!
  11. Eddie Q

    A stamp I designed

    I'm in love, it sure is awesome and an instant classic !!! Donna have to get my paws on one, thanks for sharing !!!
  12. Just make sure to soak in acetone or brake cleaner for a bit to remove any oil residue from it, have fun !! I also love experimenting with this sort of thing
  13. Well, for what it's worth, here's my experience ....I've used both Fiebing's pro oil dye and USMC black on different types of leather and I prefer the USMC black, amidst other fine folks recommendations. I do reduce it with alcohol and oil after some buffing. I have a wallet I've carrying for the last four years with no rub off at all ! I also believe the quality of leather has a lot to do with dye absorption and something not many bring up is black resolene diluted 50/50 with water, I'm true believer in it. There's also a post somewhere in this site about "vinagroon"(making and neutralizing) I've also used it successfully, but it has more of a metallic greyish black finish which I like a lot too !! Good luck !!!
  14. Eddie Q

    Ancient Greek Armor

    What an amazing piece of art, you sure deserve a few drinks !!