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    Homebuilt motorcycles, old trucks, shooting and of coarse leatherwork

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    none yet but, focusing on belts and holsters
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  1. Wow Mister, that came out awesome !! Love the color contrast as well !!
  2. Outstanding work there and redneck walker, get well soon !!!
  3. Eddie Q

    Fishing creel fixup

    Huge WOW !!! What a fantastic restoration/rebuild, one to be very proud of.
  4. Awesome mini tutorial Josh !! Been wanting to make an IWB for my Commander, Thanks for the inspiration !!
  5. Mutt !!!!!!!!!! Haven't been around much,but glad to see some of your work. Dude, I can't believe you fell for the tape,punch holes and cut deal !!! I have many of Tony See patterns and they are great, just being a self taught, make a reusable template kinda guy, i don't use his instructions. I use my diamond chisels or my sewing MO-Sheen(which seems to be frowned upon with Tony's followers) and of coarse have to do some tooling on them ;). I print the patterns and use spray adhesive to glue them on poster board to be reused. The bag looks great, I love everything about it !! I wish i could post pics of the stuff I make, but cant figure this platform for the life of me(even have a stupid resizing app and still no go) !! Tony is a great guy(I've chatted with him many times) and an awesome designer !! Anyway, regards Amigo !!!
  6. Very humble and honorable gift, It sure came outstanding and the main thing is the awesome feeling when you see and admire your own work.
  7. Man, what a great looking piece !
  8. Fantastic work young man, you have a natural talent !!
  9. One of my all time favorite holster. A couple years ago, I made a similar copy for my 1911, now Will has a pattern pack that includes a 1911 pattern. I really love how yours turned out, are you making the gun belt as well ?
  10. Then one can make a post on lined holster snap repair DUH, lol !!!
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