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  1. Hi TT, thanks for the reply. Sorry about that, all of the 144's I've seen were long arms similar to what I have. It's either a 144w-304 or 144w-305, I believe. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Specifically what I'm looking for is the lower casting, or the "base" of the machine. This is the only part that needs to be in good shape. Shafts, gears, bushings, hook, feed dogs, etc can be in any condition, or even missing altogether. In other words, the mechanical condition is irrelevant, but I need the frame to be good condition. (No cracks/bent/warping/etc) For the curious, the story I was told was the machine had fallen off the trailer it was being transported on ~ 25+ years ago, and the bottom casting had cracked. Someone welded the fracture, but it was not done properly. If you have or might know where I might find a Singer 144 that's not in working condition, please reply here or send me a pm. Thanks!
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