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  1. Goldex HC-335 sewing machine.

    Hi, Did you have this same machine than I have?

    Can you kindly advice with the needles? Which system and size are suitable?

    Kind regards



  2. 276ccm

    Custom seat

    @Thor thanks :-) For sure some people might be offended, but it´s only a leather seat, and the customers wish, so I´ll be fine :-) Not religious either, but some motives I won't do, but this one is within the limit :-)
  3. 276ccm

    276ccm´s Leather Work

    My Leather work.. mostly for motorcycles..
  4. Hi, does anyone know where to find something like this, or what would you call this tension adjuster/lock.. On the the "lock" on the picture is from a safety mask, and it doesn't have to be exactly like that, but something easy and similar.. Anyone please? :-)
  5. I think Serafil makes the best polyester :-) http://www.amann.com/en/products/serafil/
  6. Thanks a lot Bruce, I appreciate the feedback so thank you! :-)
  7. Most defiantly a valuable lesson! Yes I will try to clean up all the parts I can, and I´m not so afraid now to open my machine and loosen things, but only the things I´m 100% sure how to do hehe :-) The video was fantastic and truly helped me a lot, together with all the explanations :-) Talk to you soon Tor, and have a great weekend all! :-)
  8. The design reminds me a little of an old Singer, or an old Adler machine I had many years ago.. mine wasn´t a cylinder arm tho, but the design. I´m not an expert, so I might be way off, but it was the first that came to my mind :-) Good luck finding the information! :-) Edit: I found this link tho: http://www.ant-zanbi.jp/cgi-bin/ant-zanbi/siteup.cgi?category=1&page=2 Maybe you can get some help translating and send them an email.. I see the similar machine there :-)
  9. This video tutorial should be a "sticker" so it won't disappear after new threads, or maybe make a sticker with "fixing" tutorials and collect all in one post. This video really helped me a lot, and without seeing it, I would never dare to open my gearbox and probably make a mess.. but now. after this my machine is working again! :-) Thanks again Uwe, this video is fantastic help, and very clearly explained! Lots of kudos for you! :-)
  10. Yeah! The machine is sewing again!!! I followed the video step by step, and HURRAY! :-) Thanks a lot! :-) https://youtu.be/FZ1zAcoPHnY Yes Tor, something else might have moved, but not sure where, as you see from this picture, it was really way off. But after to hook timing it sews well, and I can't hear any strange noises :-) I adjusted the clutch screws after the clutch was engaged. When I'm back in Spain in end of Octobre, I'll try to take the clutch apart and clean it well and oil it up again. Muchas gracias all of you! :-) Regards Marius :-) A happy sewer at the moment! :-)
  11. Thanks a lot, again! :-) I took another video, which shows the 360 turn, but I can't really see anything going on in there to check. But I will open the gearbox and start the timing tomorrow morning and hopefully it'll be ok :-) The 360 degree video: https://youtu.be/PoZCBCOFq0I I also tried to put the pin inside while very carefully turning the clutch, but it would only drop where the ball is supposed to drop. And it's no chance it will go all the way trough as the little wall to support the timing belt will block it. Muchas gracias! :-) I'll update tomorrow :-)
  12. Thanks Uwe! :-) If I turn another 180 degrees it´s only like a soft "pop" (not even really a "pop" but I feel it´s something there) and its obvious its not the right place, so this position, as it shows in the last video must be the right place. It really "POPPS" into place.. but at this position, I can only put the 5 mm pin, 2,5 cm in that hole. Does that means something else is wrong, or the screws that holds the clutch to the shaft must have been sliding? Or did I misunderstand something? :-) I saw there was a little difference on where the balls is placed now.. so this position is the only place it really pops into the right place, so only one correct place for every 360 degrees turn.
  13. Hi again! :-) Good news and another worry.. The good news is that with a little WD-40 I managed to get my safety clutch “loose” and I can fairly easy pop it in and out of place.. but my new worry is: When the clutch pops into place, I can not put the 5 mm pin all the way inside and the "holes" is not aligned .. only 2.5 cm. If I look down the “hole” and adjust and align the clutch I can put the 5mm pin all the way down (3 cm) but the clutch is not popped into place. You will see both in the video: https://youtu.be/8TvA1AwvuvM Can I pop the clutch in place and start the timing process, or is it really important that I get the "holes" in the clutch aligned, and that it is popped into place at the same time first? This is maybe because the screws that attach the clutch to the shaft, slipped a little, due to the hard clutch?
  14. Thank you so much! The video is excellent and with these very good explained instructions, I think I can do it! :-) I did some test sewing with similar pieces of leather and it was sewing fine, without the feeling of the machine working too hard.. before this thing happened. Of course I would prefer to have a 205 fir this, but for now.. :-) Thanks for super tips too Tor, I´ll let you know for sure! I booked the flight and will stay in Oslo some weeks before the show, so if I can't fix it I´ll take your offer to borrow one of your machines in your work shop :-) I´ll for sure try to visit you anyway! :-) Tomorrow I´ll get some WD-40 or parafin, and start the process! I´ll keep you updated! Have a super sunday! :-)
  15. Muchas gracias! :-) I´ll get some WD-40 spray on Monday and do as you told me.. I´ll try to be patient and wait til I can do it properly so I won't damage anything more. I´ll also get a set of the right tools.. Super kind of you with this help and I´m looking forward to see the hook-timing video! :-) At least now I learn a lot about my machine, and hopefully it can be very handy for later maintenance or to help someone else with this problem the right way! Not really important in this case, but here is one of the seat I´m eager to finish before I go.. I was so close to start sewing it together :-) I´ll post an update to this early next week, when I have all the right tools and spray, and for sure I´ll leave the timing belt alone.. :-) And I know someone will be happy that I dont need to go to the office again more this weekend.. Have a super weekend! :-)
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