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  1. Hi I just got a new to me 111w103 and would like to see if the lift can be modify to be like the 111w105 aldo if the stitch length can be made longer than the 5 stitch length that it currently does any help would be appreciated thanks forum members
  2. Gregg thanks for all your help I was able to adjust the stitch length. Up to over 1 1/2" long . I did notice that the needle has to be all the way up when you hit reverse and the stitches will fall in the same hole . Thanks again for all your help .
  3. Gregg thanks for the pics. How far off thecenter line do you usually see them off to correct the stitch length on forward and reverse ?
  4. Myne is the rb3 and I do not see that part in the inside of the machine Gergg I would like to get a real pic of the parts that I have to adjust to get the stitches to fall in the same holes
  5. Any one has run Ito this problem with the forward and reversed stitch not falling inthe same hole ?
  6. Hi Forum I am looking for help on adjusting the forward and reverse stitch to fall in the same hole in forward and reverse on my Consew 206rb3 I have read thru the manual but it is not clear as to where it needs to be adjusted ,any help would be appreciated , I have learned to do all the adjustments on my machine but the stitch length is the one I need to work on thanks in advance Ray.
  7. Thanks Bob what needle size you recommend for 207 thread & 138 thread ?
  8. Hi I am new to sewing leather and would like to know what needle point should I be using to sew veg tan & Latigo leather on my Consew 206 RB3 any help would be appreciated . Thanks Ray
  9. Hi do you still have the leather ? If so what it cost to ship to 77089 I am interested to purchase it
  10. Hi do you still have the leather ? If so what it cost to ship to 77089 I am interested to purchase it
  11. Hi what is the thickes thread the 227 or the 153 can handle and the stitch lenght on them aNd also the max leather thickness it can sew thanks in advance for the info
  12. I might have to look for another machine then lol in the mean time hopefully I can find some use for it thanks for all your help and advise
  13. Hi Gotta know thanks for the info , when you say its useless for leather you mean heavy leather? my intentions were to use it for french seams in auto upholstery( meaning Vinyl and auto leather ) the other question i have since you own one is what is the thickest thread you can run on it being 138 bonded the max or ? i don't plan on using nylon thread ,but bonded Poly thread holds up better in the sun,
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