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  1. I am wanting to learn how to emboss leather like they did in the old days from the flesh side to make my projects truly 3D. Anyone have any info on this or know where I can find some info on it? Thanks in advance
  2. Thats cool Chain!!! Nice work!!!
  3. This is my first post so I hope this is the right place. I read on hear in a post that I can not find now that people are making their own tools I have had good luck with this and sometimes they just dont work like the factory made tool. Lets face it most of us do not have a machine shop out back to make some of the tools to the tolerances required LOL. I did how ever read about making petal lifters from screw drivers. Here is one that I made today. I am wondering what have others made or repurposed from other things and it has worked out? Ok so I typed this whole thing and now it will not let me upload the photo. I will keep trying and let everyone know Ha ha I resized the pic here ya go!
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