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    Love to read, and love cottage life too!

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  1. I use a proper sized brush and multiple THIN coats of acrylic paint. I use heavy body "Golden" acrylics sealed with thinned acrylic sealer
  2. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone!
  3. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone!
  4. Hey there! I have had NO luck with Tandy burgundy latigo! It bleeds like a stuck pig.. Doesn't ever stop! The black is not bad at all. It has rub off but then it seems done. I want to know where the best place to order latigo online would be and also not break my piggy bank! Lol Oh ya I'm in Canada so there's the good ol s/h charges as well.. I'm open to suggestions! BJP
  5. Thanks Bikermutt07.. i think I'm going to bite the bullet and try ordering.. I just don't know who to buy from to get good not overpriced Latigo. Ill look into this subject
  6. I have made a few burgundy latigo dog collars, and some black latigo collars. It never fails but the burgundy latigo bleeds like crazy when rubbed down, or in rain or whatever situation! I swear if I frowned at the burg latigo it will bleed. The black on the other hand has a certain amount of rub off on my cloth but then it seems done. No more color rub off These hides are both from Tandy leather because I'm in Canada ..and am hesitant to order online from a tannery etc ... In case I don't get what I order. Am nervous that what you see in the pic online isn't true to life. Probably should brave it and order??? What can be done about the burgundy bleeding. Anything? I won't use it for customers cuz I'd hate for my collar to stain the dog coat. I stick mostly to veg tan but love the softness and feel of latigo!! Any suggestions wud wud be greatly appreciated!! Thx BJP
  7. Get an awl to poke the holes with then push prongs thru and bend them flat with a flat screwdriver. After I set mine in my dog collars I carefully and gently use a small hammer and tap the prongs flat ( flatten them) so they are secure. *Flip the leather upside down on a big piece of firm rubber or a poundo board so you don't crack your crystals after you've set them so you can tap prongs flat.
  8. I get my hardware, buckles rivets snaps etc.. either stainless steel or solid brass from The Buckle Guy. ( online) Great stuff & never had an issue with anything.
  9. Thanks Jim! Found it and downloaded the pdf. This will come in so handy for my belts and dog collars. ( I just didn't look far enough back in the posts...)
  10. Where can I get this PDF for belts? I don't see it..
  11. Beret... Do you use an air brush filled with saddle lac or does saddle lac come in a spray can type aerosol? ... Thanks so much.
  12. BJP

    Wrist Cuff

    My husband makes men's cuffs and I make dog collars, and we both use Resolene My hubby uses 1 coat of Resolene cut 50/50 OR 60/40 with water for the inside of his bracelet/cuffs.. Stir it, and then wait till all those pesky bubbles have disappeared. Then LIGHTLY wipe ONE coat on the inside. Let it dry overnite The outside he puts 2 LIGHTLY SWIPED coats. Makes sure you wait hours.. Even overnite to put coat number 2 on. Hes never had an issue with his cuffs. I do the same thing with my collars that are dyed and painted. 2 very light coats let em dry overnite in between the coats *and nothing will "waterproof" the leather but will make it resistant to rain etc just not the shower or swimming!;)
  13. I use the same press ... And yes... Gently and slowly. If you whack the spots thru those prongs will splay. That looks like kinda thick leather too so maybe just set them by hand? By marking, then poking them thru then bending prongs with a small screwdriver or even your finger. I finish my work off by tapping with a small jewellers hammer on all prongs just to get em flat. And set good. Set your finished piece on rubber so as not to damage the domes or crystals etc Ive done what's in your picture many times and found it frustrating also good luck.. * also helps to make sure all the prongs are straight down on the spot. I just squeeze them really really gently to make sure the legs don't splay out before their put in the dies.
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